My name is, Anthony Arcanum, I’m a New York City born and raised Tarot Reader and Folk Magician, and General Occultest . I have been a practitioner for several years now and recently turned professional. My path is an edgy mix of Hoodoo, Italian Folk Magick, High Magick with a twist of my religious faith (Roman Catholicism). Skills and services provided are as follows:

Tarot readings, various spreads.Candle Magick, Sigil Magick, Blood Magick, Ritual Magick,Doll workings,Crossings and Uncrossings, Love works, Foot track Magick, Luck spells, Petitions, concentrated prayers, to saints and ArchAngels and Various other methods and Spell related services.For shorter less involved Divinations I offer Marbel Casting, for Yes/No Questions and Biblemancy.

Prices Vary  on Tarot Spreads and number of cards used, and Spell work varies depending on method, and time involved and in some cases level of personal Danger, I may be faced with In numerous ways

I am ordained by the Universal Life Church. If needed I will exorcise your home or place of business,if Hauntings or worse are suspected

I have the Power to Marry, This is great for Non religious couples, who also do not want something as impersonal as City Hall, Same sex couples and Transgender more then welcome,One rehearsal included in the package.

Follow my blog, it’s going to be a mix of occult topics, Magick, conspiracy theories, and some good old Hip hop, cause that was my first love and will be until the day I die.

I’m available and willing to teach Tarot (Not spellwork),and for talks and lectures on Various occult topics.

Thanks for visiting and I’m looking forward to hearing from You for comments, questions and free Email consultations.

P.S- Spells, like Prayers can not be 100 percent guaranteed, Many will work, and work well, but some simply will not, If  God or the universe is totally against an outcome for any reason, then nothing can change it.

Official member of American Tarot association.

Contact Me @ AnthonyArcanum@gmail.com

Now offering Tarot Readings online Via Email.Feel free to hit me up any time