Mastering Witchcraft Book review

  • This book is one of the best and most Controversial Book on the topic of Traditional Witchcraft by author Paul Huson.
  • It Starts off with an introduction to the practice and a great historic lesson
  • Then it’s broken Down into chapter’s First steps, preliminary preparations, Divination, Spells for lovers, Vengeance and Attack, then the last The coven and how to form one. There is some great stuff in each chapter, even has some Hoodoo sprinkled in.
  • Paul provides a complete working system and a mixed bag that all comes together perfectly while speaking in a manner a newbie can understand. Wiccans usually hate this book, I don’t understand why because it has nothing to do with them.
  • Folks who are into the Darker aspects and paths of witchcraft and magick will love this book, as many of us have.

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