Manly P Hall,a modern prophet?

First,let’s give folks who don’t know of this man time to study up a little bit,This man wrote one of the most Important books on occult knowledge a Huge masterpiece of a book
Unlike Isis and other plagiarized books it was all him,He wrote this book before the age of 24,coming out of no where,He had no history of any occult backroun d at the time and yet “The secret teachings of all ages”is one of the most authentic books out there.This book is to general occult knowledge what Agrippas 3 books did for Magick,one can read his book and be well rounded while unlocking a few keys,unknowingly for many.Where did this man learn all of this?Before turning 24 He knew about all topics ranging from the masons to Tarot and everything In between..His books are hard for many to get through BUT luckily for us his audios are all over YouTube….Let me know what you all thing?Manly P Hall,Just a Man?


8 thoughts on “Manly P Hall,a modern prophet?

  1. Thanks for posting this Anthony. Manly P. Hall played a big role in my work, as his book were some of the first that i cam across that were of real quality.

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  2. Yo my friend.
    I do think that his career confused many.Like he was a Mason by proxy.. In 1973, Hall was recognized as a 33rd degree member
    of Freemasonry by invitation of the society despite never being physically initiated into the craft beforehand. This was due to Hall’s extensively published material in the public domain about the histories of Freemasonry, its initiations, and its symbolism, showing that he had more knowledge about the society than most ranking members.
    He learned all of the tools and tricks through many years as a member of,The Rosicrution Fellowship,Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis The Authentic Rosicrucian Fraternity,as well as knowledge from membership in The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,,and his membership in another group that was huge at the time,
    Co-Freemasonry.It,like the Golden Dawn were not masonic,but new forms of the guild that were not the old boy’s club,but open to anyone that had there life centered in the relationship with a Power greater than themselves.
    He remained an active member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship,[

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