Crowly,David Icke,and Lam,Into the Smoke?

Most of what we take as Demons,Aliens,Gods,ghosts and many other things.Also most of what has been mistaken as Alien intervention,is usually portals through other dimensions being opened,When we work a Magick Ritual,The words of power,rituals,Sigils and most importantly candle Smoke and perfumes actually tap us into connection with these beings,of course the key to contact is mind power,because we are coded into the realms via Blood and mind

Candles are knows to be sensed through the realms, this is why the church Is so full of them too.The other side while not visible to most of us,is well known to many people of past and present and are very easy to talk into once we know how.Africans,and many Indigenous people while working Magick rituals,all know this well,Human sacrifice is done to power the contact,blood is the life line of this world,our blood gives them the power to gate walk,Blood mixed with brain waves from an Adept in the right hands can work wonders and visa versa.The way we can put our hands through a puff of smoke,Some mages,holy men,people with extra abilities are tapping into the next few dimensional openings,Crowley said exactly this 80 years ago,long before we ever knew about the Grey’s,He drew his picture and said Lam “is a being from another dimension”not from Space,David Icke says the power that Satanists tap into is dimensional not Alien or Holy.These beings while usually demonic do have like Humans some counterparts that truly help and care about man,Folks whom obtain the goal of the great work,Contact with our HGA,may be connecting permentally with our own counterparts in other dimensions.This is How we become enlightened,Hitler also claimed contact,as did Joseph Smith,while reading the book of Mormon.

Our minds can connect us,Blood helps the process and smoke and flames are somehow keys to the gates. Googling all these claims can take you on a huge and fun thrill ride.

Also it’s Widely Documented that Socrates would stand in one spot blankly staring into space for up to 20 hours at a time,He would claim he was in the world of his Daemon who he had for life,and dictated most of His knowledge to Him,Let’s not forget,Socrates the king of all philosophy could not ready or write!


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