Magick lesson 1, The seven hermetic principles

1. Mentalism, The law is the mind.

2. Correspondence, As above so Below.

3. Vibration, Nothing rests, everything moves,everything vibrates.

4. Polarity, everything is Duel, everything has poles, everything has opposites.

5. Rhythm, Everything Flows.

6. Cause and effect, every cause has its Effect

7. Gender is everything,everything has its male and female principles.

These are short examples of each law, The key to learning Magick ks to study,I’ll give hints but you must do the work I did to know if interested.Hermetic laws manifest in the universe without fancy RITUALS..It’s Mental Magick, many of us myself included are not on this level yet,I need the props to produce effect, I have not attained HGA yet.


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