Nephilim Giants-The book of Genesis

Since the beginning of time they have been documented as fact,then covered as myth?BONES have been found all around the Earth..Many American presidents have documented seeing their remains Including Abe Lincoln!David and Golith in the Bible,aside from accounts having Him at 18 feet,he always had 4 brothers all had six fingers and six toes,We find skulls all with head volume 4 times as dense as ours-Thank God for YouTube Videos Trey Smith as many actual Giant’s pictures and bones…Angels from Heaven (Aliens from Space)Fell”flew”to Earth and had sex with Human females and created a race of Giant’s??Hybrids of the Fallen Angels?Then God destroyed the Earth because he was disgusted by this?The Flood!!!!

More like Aliens came down,fucked our females and had hybrids,then the Aliens leaders nuked the shit out of Earth,then it was restarted,We somehow evolved from cave man into modern man over night,We evolved 1million years in 2500 and made it into space,from climbing trees..We were inbred with the Ape men on Earth,mixed with Alien DNA,in the Form of them then left to run our own world…The Anunnaki plus Caveman-Modern man..

NOAH WAS NOT HUMAN,He glowed when he was born and His father said he’s not my baby,and the Angels Favored Him and God saved him and only Him??The book of Enoch is The original bible but it’s not a dogmatic Holy Book,it’s a history book…These men all lived as many as 800 years,we are lucky to make 80…These people don’t realize that bibles are Documents  of History. OUR DNA was changed and it’s well known and well hidden….Wisdom Teeth Folks….They use to fit perfectly..

King Tuts Head??Google it…Soon we should go to Egyptian lore (facts)But first we will cover their superiority in occult knowledge and Magick Systems.Egypt holds so Much power,Crowly,by just performing the Bornless ritual,Invoked His HGA and was dictated the Book of law.

I DO THE BORNLESS RITUAL,HAVE NOT OBTAINED HGA YET!!!WHEN AND IF I DO ILL WRITE ABOUT IT.Miller also has a shorter Greek version in the Sorcerers secrets,another Great book!



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