Mental Magick-The triple keys of Attainment

1. To Desire something,with a demented Intense fury.

2. The you must without any doubt expect it to come to pass, without any room for doubt

3. The use your will with all of your might, and act totally in accord to bring it about, Visualization has always been the secret go attaining dreams,A though becomes a thing, This Is how up until recently destroyed my own life, by using horrible mind sets in all areas of life.Time to Reboot our minds for the naturally morbid and depressed like myself and follow the paths of those who think themselves into greatness,even those without talent, like Jennifer Lopez for example!!



4 thoughts on “Mental Magick-The triple keys of Attainment

  1. Very informative and True. It is said by many people that Visualization is their key to success.

    Is it possible for them to visualize things who consumes alcohol non veg?


    1. Not sure I understand the question, I don’t think alcohol is a problem unless people are constantly smashed out of their minds, Drugs like LSD and opiate based drugs were used for thousands of years for mind expansion by Cunning folk, booze on the other hand has never been listed as a source of mind expansion but in small amounts I doubt it can hurt.


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