Support real Rap music!!

RA,the Rugged man held a contest, Definition of a Rap flow, where some of the best up and coming young Mcs on the Planet rocked the Mic over the RA beat from the song of the same name, these videos are posted on YouTube and should have millions of views, you dude’s clock on J camel face Z, whom has not truly been part of the culture for Decades now, RA has been around for 30 years, worked with and been Idolized by many of the Games Superstars including but not limited to Biggie Himself, quotes, ” I thought I was the Illest until I heard his shit!”

RA also has the best boxing interview of all Time interview Mayweather about Being a Coward for never fighting anyone he was not sure he could beat. If You support Hip-Hop, support all things New York, and Most importantly, All things RA,the rugged man!!!!The king of the underground, which is Raw Hip hop in its purest form!!!


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