The 0/Fool card, Not foolish at all.

The fool card is the 0 card,the first card of the 22 Trump cards, 0 corresponding to the beginning of His life, or Journeys to enlightenment, is card Im the Trumps represent another stage in life, and each stage is a new lesson to be taught before moving on to the next lesson,The Fool fits no where but every where im the deck each card is pretty much Another aspect of one’s personality.By the end of the Trumps, we have the world, here the Fool has come full circle, lived his life and leaned all of his lessons,both physically and mentally, but most importantly spiritually.The minor cards in the deck are more or less daily situations that we have to deal with..Tarot cards are also used as meditation devices by focusing on the image, the mediator can get in line with the aspect of said card.The fool, is not a child, he is an adult, The fool is all of us,before we open our eyes and realize we have to relearn what we already know and begin to seek enlightenment or truths.


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