Rap acts that built the games foundation for longevity

We can all see the videos on YouTube today, some up us lived through the game and proudly or sadly remember all of its history huge event,Like Will Smith winning the first Grammy when he was Prince or the sad days of Pac finally passing.

In the beginning Rap was a silly, simple, but very catchy novelty

Cool herc spinning records to acts wearing makeup and high heels, rocking caps and leather right pants in videos, listen to some of the Old groups and by old I mean the originals, late 70s to early 80s type shit.little by little we hobbled along to 1985, now I see this as the breakout year for not only rap music but modern hip hop culture

The Egg hatched finally and we ended the Groundwork for out slang, clothing, rap flows, rap patterns plus going global and earning sales.

1. RUN DMC-Came on stage with Hats, glasses, slightly baggy jeans,Had more advanced rhymes but still no real flow..Yet, they grew into themselves

2. LL cool J-Totally blew the roof off, Run Dmc-to the next level, sweat suites, truck gold, modern slang, Excellent beats, an actual flow and rhymes to kill yourself to.

3. The Beasties-Put humor into the game, made sampling a thing, main skill set though some will say in this day and age not “P.C”was being White, They made it to MTV and on the radio, clocked interviews with main stream media, the first rappers to really rap about murder, drugs, guns etc,They toured the world with the two said acts I just mentioned, Their talent, respect and color made people listen, Def Jam now was being taken seriously.

Schoolly D, Ice T, creators of Gangsta Rap, the debate kinda rages on who was first, SD was on wax first so he gets the credit if you ask me.

4. The Juice Crew, Rakim and Slick Rick, now we are really getting somewhere, The slang, dress code, Rhyme scheme and flows, Beats all are modern at this point pretty much, Rakim created the Complex style later perfected by cats like Treach and Eminem and Slick Rick gave us an Actual story teller.

5. The real next level now, EPMD, Jazzy Jeff and the fresh Prince,3rd Bass, NWA, The Ghetto boys, Mc Light and KRSone have arrived..I Think this timeline explains itself,The NWA family tree is alive and well today, let’s not forget Shady,Snoop,2pac, and 50 all having roots off NWA.We can end here,we all know what happenes next because not only are we living it but these acts are still around and huge today, In their own ways.



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