The Bornless Ritual

This is going to be a short post, I am just telling fellow Cunning folk of the low Magick paths, That you do not need to practice Hi Magick or Kabballah to benefit greatly from this Ritual, Originally translated from Ancient Parchment as the Ritual of the headless one, a smaller section of a huge complicated Exorcism ritual, It became the preliminary call for Solomon’s ¬†Magick then a system to obtain contact with our HGA.I find it useful in many ways.One thing I am noticing is Blinders staring to open up left and right for me.D MKs Ahhh Haaa moments left and right lately, I always do the Lesser Banishing first and the Lord’s Prayer after.A simple version can be found In Jason Miller’s amazing book, A Sorcerers Secrets.This is a book Any person using any system can benefit from owning this book.



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