Im Watching YouTube videos from this guy named Talbah Zeus and He was talking aboug a System called Hypersigils These become our Personal Living Sigils,He said to write Down our stories but add and…

Source: HyperSigils?


YouTube Channels

I find some Youtube Channels to be a huge Help for General Occult studies,Religious,Magickal ,Planetary, Lore,Conspiracy theories etc, it’s all there if You search, like all things, some much better then others.As far as Magick channel’s I find that some of the lesser known viewed sources to be amongst the best.The Gnosis series is excellent for a general rundown of Occultism over time.

Alchemy The real sorcerers stone, History of the Devil, History of God, Alchemy-science of Magick,SuperNatural Tarot  and Gates of Hell are all excellent and well made, I watch them all over and over, including Jesus the lost 40 days, Jacobs Latter, The secret life of Jesus and one of the most interesting is the one on the Garden of Eden and the Importance of controlling ourselves sexually to reach Gnostic Heights, something I really have to work on.

For tips on Magick practices You can find many interesting folks offering excellent advice as well as Tons of pure bullshit.If You really want results Try to Avoid the Wiccan Channels for the most part, unless you want watered down,hardly working spells mixed in with Some New Agey Buddha isms masked as brand new knowledge.

How to work Dolls for revenge!

So,as promised I am giving to give you guys one of my personal spell methods for revenge using “Voodoo”Dolls and How they work.

I would have so say since I was a kid.No other form of Magick scared me or fascinated me more in movies and TV shows then Dolls.Shouts out to Chucky “actually brought to live by a Hoodoo spell”for those of you who remember.

Anyway, The Doll actually becomes the person we intend to affect, Magically.So we usually need links to said person, With our modern times and the Internet a printed out picture from a person’s FB page can work wonders and save us tons of efforts that workers of old had to deal with obtaining a link to the source.This is the first set,after of course,knowning the intent and what we wish to Do and getting the proper ingredients, kinda like cooking a soup, a spell of this nature needs it’s supplies.

A doll can be made or bought,we can even get creative and use Action figues and Barbie Dolls, etc

So once you have your Doll, The first step is to Baptize the doll as The victim,Give it the victims name,if you have the printed put pic,cut the face off and tap or glue it over the face of the doll.Visualize the energetic fields of the person’s heart, mind and soul entering the Doll..At this point I poke my finger open and add several drops of my own blood and drop it onto the heart of the doll.Then I write my petition roll, obtain a Box and add them both into the box,Now it’s time for me to begin the actually spell.

So Now I light a Black candle,Take some graveyard dirt,Golfer dust and hot foot powder, as well as crossing oil and drip and those some into the box onto the doll,I then pick up the petitions and read it out loud along with a couple of the corresponding Psalms,all the while having vivid images of the target, how they wronged me and what I would like to happen to them now.

The main key here is to build up emotions as strong as possible full of hatred and revenge, get so mad that your heart is pumping and your head feels like it’s going to explode, and your hands are shaking. Call down the powers of Darkness  now, for me I invoke Satan Himself to visually zap the Doll, Now I take my Pin, and a sharp knife, I place the petition paper over the dolls chest now, and stick the pin into the dolls heart, attaching the paper as well,I take the knife, slice the throat,and poke the eyeballs, cut off the hands and feet and finish by stabbing the mouth.Next using all those emotions I spit three times into the face of the Doll throw some more powsers and oils in, finish my incantations up and seal the Box up.Hang on to it for three Days, Lighting the same candle, sending more hatered and chanting the Same psalms.The final part is to get rid of the Doll,some folks bury them, some burn them, personaly put the box into a bag, stomp the Hell out of the bag,then simply throw the bag into the garbage, since my target is my Enemy, they are Garbage to me, it’s the best ending for the life of the doll and person themselves.

So, let’s sum up,You need two sets of supplies,Your Tools and supplies, and Your Emotional supplies ,It is possible to send a Curse without Your Tools but You cannot send one without Your Emotions, The stronger the Better..

Dolls are my Specialty, I have several more Dollie Tricks up my Sleeves including one using two Dolls for love workings, But I’ll keep that one around for myself and paying Folks!!! 🙂




Tarot reading , tips

Lots of people message me on various sites and ask me for tips on learning to read, It seems very overwhelming, and at first, it is!

We have a 78 card deck, and have to learn double that amount if we wish to learn the meanings of reversals, (I feel every reader must at the least know reversals)even if they wont be using them.We have to factor in the images on the cards, The number, The suits, the hidden occult symbols and design’s, as well as colors and numerous other aspects, such as connecting the cards and also learning placement, and spreads.

The first thing to do is chose deck, then get a couple of different books that correspond to that deck and read them to get some basics down.Get a Journal, each book as you notice will give different meanings for each card, some may agree with each other and some wont.There is no answer that is right or wrong, This is because reading comes from intituation.

In Your new book, write down the name of every single card in the deck, give each card two pages of its own, so you can add to it in the future.write down your favorite meanings for each card as well as reverse meanings, Then take your time and now look at each card, and write down what that card seems to mean to you…In My Book, i started with the Trump cards, then on to the minors, i seperated each suit then went from Ace to Kings .

Look and your cards, practice with them and play with them for a few months, Let the images slip casually into your subconscious. Start giving yourself daily readings for practice, and then on those close to You.After about a year it will all seem second Nature to You..Most important though, is to have fun.Thanks for reading .




Trey Smith-Godinanutshell

This guys website, and more importantly Free Youtube videos are pretty damn great, once you get passed His crazed ramble style, and actually settle in and Listen to Him, I find His topics engrossing and have sat through his 3hr videos without wanting them to end.Check out some of His videos.




Im Watching YouTube videos from this guy named Talbah Zeus and He was talking aboug a System called Hypersigils

These become our Personal Living Sigils,He said to write Down our stories but add and subtract things and mix Fantasy with reality.

Writting about out life as we wish it to become and as it is in our minds.Im going to start trying it exactly as he explained it and report back.