Tarot reading , tips

Lots of people message me on various sites and ask me for tips on learning to read, It seems very overwhelming, and at first, it is!

We have a 78 card deck, and have to learn double that amount if we wish to learn the meanings of reversals, (I feel every reader must at the least know reversals)even if they wont be using them.We have to factor in the images on the cards, The number, The suits, the hidden occult symbols and design’s, as well as colors and numerous other aspects, such as connecting the cards and also learning placement, and spreads.

The first thing to do is chose deck, then get a couple of different books that correspond to that deck and read them to get some basics down.Get a Journal, each book as you notice will give different meanings for each card, some may agree with each other and some wont.There is no answer that is right or wrong, This is because reading comes from intituation.

In Your new book, write down the name of every single card in the deck, give each card two pages of its own, so you can add to it in the future.write down your favorite meanings for each card as well as reverse meanings, Then take your time and now look at each card, and write down what that card seems to mean to you…In My Book, i started with the Trump cards, then on to the minors, i seperated each suit then went from Ace to Kings .

Look and your cards, practice with them and play with them for a few months, Let the images slip casually into your subconscious. Start giving yourself daily readings for practice, and then on those close to You.After about a year it will all seem second Nature to You..Most important though, is to have fun.Thanks for reading .





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