YouTube Channels

I find some Youtube Channels to be a huge Help for General Occult studies,Religious,Magickal ,Planetary, Lore,Conspiracy theories etc, it’s all there if You search, like all things, some much better then others.As far as Magick channel’s I find that some of the lesser known viewed sources to be amongst the best.The Gnosis series is excellent for a general rundown of Occultism over time.

Alchemy The real sorcerers stone, History of the Devil, History of God, Alchemy-science of Magick,SuperNatural Tarot  and Gates of Hell are all excellent and well made, I watch them all over and over, including Jesus the lost 40 days, Jacobs Latter, The secret life of Jesus and one of the most interesting is the one on the Garden of Eden and the Importance of controlling ourselves sexually to reach Gnostic Heights, something I really have to work on.

For tips on Magick practices You can find many interesting folks offering excellent advice as well as Tons of pure bullshit.If You really want results Try to Avoid the Wiccan Channels for the most part, unless you want watered down,hardly working spells mixed in with Some New Agey Buddha isms masked as brand new knowledge.


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