Initiation, Rebirth in honor of Jesus, Thank yous

As I dedicate My life to my Occult studies, it is clear that I can not progress unless I get rid of old grudges and anger , and also thank those who helped me when my ship sank.

My Mother, I love You very much and I am sorry I failed and was unable to help You, I was just not ready, This is a new year and the nightmare will End.

Priscilla My Dog, I do the best I can, You are loved Greatly..

Joey-You saved My life 100%, I didn’t have one day left in me, and Your entire Family I will love as My own forever Words can not express how greatful I am

Nina- You also saved My Life, I love You, Sorry I lost My mind for a long time, I was tired.

Yvette, You kinda  cursed me into this situation LOL, You warned me, Sorry I was such an asshole, I was Young and immature..I will always love You as a Person too, You always loved me and treated me as such, I’m a different man now.

Aunt Marie-I love You and thanks for everything…

Uncle Bill, the only sibling who cares about Her…

Lisa and Mike-I know I will be ok with this Favor you are doing for Me, I wont let You down, as long as I don’t die.

Anyone else that I forgot, I didn’t forget!!!




Fat Joe Is Truly The Don of New York.

Fat Joe, The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

Never mentioned in peoples list of great Rappers, or important Hip Hop figures.

His history is second to none in the game, From leaving 20 drug spots to go straight for much less money in the beginning this man signed “BigPun” one of the best to ever do it.He made a major misstep by turning down signing Eminem 6 times loosing out on hundreds of Millions of dollars.

An  original member of the Diggin in the crates crew, He broke solo with the excellent Flow Joe.His album had guests such as Grand Puba and fit right in as a Latin American in a game that at that time was mostly Black with a few white MC’s such as the Beasties,3rd bass and Everlast.3rd bass in my view was the all time best white rappers until R.A the Rugged man came out. The thing with Joe is he never got the love and respect that He had earned..When He formed Terror squad, he ended up being turned on by the whole crew, and after Pun died and left His family with nothing ” like a real deadbeat” Joe caught tons of media harassment.Some Bitch ass Clown named Cuban link is still running around cracked out on YouTube talking shit about Joe..They had a major deal thanks to Joe, Cuban had a million dollar deal, He blew it being a gutter rat as did the rest of the crew.

New York died for a while as the Hip Hop scene went down south, Joe rode the wave

rocking with Ross and Wayne, while our NY kings went silent for a while..In His 40’s and still riding the success still not getting His props.

He may not be the best Rapper but He makes great songs, stays true to the roots while always remaining current…This is for Fat Joe, some of us Know that You truly are the Don!!!