Initiation, Rebirth in honor of Jesus, Thank yous

As I dedicate My life to my Occult studies, it is clear that I can not progress unless I get rid of old grudges and anger , and also thank those who helped me when my ship sank.

My Mother, I love You very much and I am sorry I failed and was unable to help You, I was just not ready, This is a new year and the nightmare will End.

Priscilla My Dog, I do the best I can, You are loved Greatly..

Joey-You saved My life 100%, I didn’t have one day left in me, and Your entire Family I will love as My own forever Words can not express how greatful I am

Nina- You also saved My Life, I love You, Sorry I lost My mind for a long time, I was tired.

Yvette, You kinda  cursed me into this situation LOL, You warned me, Sorry I was such an asshole, I was Young and immature..I will always love You as a Person too, You always loved me and treated me as such, I’m a different man now.

Aunt Marie-I love You and thanks for everything…

Uncle Bill, the only sibling who cares about Her…

Lisa and Mike-I know I will be ok with this Favor you are doing for Me, I wont let You down, as long as I don’t die.

Anyone else that I forgot, I didn’t forget!!!




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