The Anunnaki+Caveman = Human beings!

While some people love to claim that the Earth is a mere 6000 years old in its modern from, and regular science actually admits to it being 12000 years old now, due to overwhelming Evidence of Cities once Buried or Hidden haven been found and they can no longer deny that we had advanced civilizations long before originally thought and new testing methods have uncovered artifacts we have tested over again too by double the age we once thought they were. Religions we once thought of as crazy are now making more sense as are old Bible texts aside from the interdimensional beings which we have our Demons and other occult beings we have Space aliens as well, this is where the Religious and Alien theory folks are both wrong, neither believe Or chose to admit that they are both right.We have other dimensions and other planets both active with intelligence and life as well known it and can’t even comprehend at the same time.

We have the Mormons..At the age of 17 Founder Joseph Smith claimed to have been visited by a being named Moroni who would appear to Him as he scryed into a rock he would place into his Hat, Moroni claimed to be an Angel and last keeper of Ancient records and needed Joseph Smith to record a modern version of the Book of Mormon which had been hidden in Egypt for the last two thousand years.

L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology speaks of Alien Visits going back billions of years, The Bible and the Book of Enoch both make several references about what can only be space craft when read closely.

The Sumerians, Egyptians and Mayans all give us Cave paintings and Chizzled dolls of Modern Day looking astronauts with space helmets, drawings of rocket ships and flying crafts are all over the world and we have been visited by at least 7 types of Aliens, From the Blond/Blue beautiful talk race HP wrote about and Hitler so insanely misinterpreted and tried to remake,The Snake,lizard race if David Icke and the Bibles serpent in Eden To YES the Anunnaki from Nibiru who were coming here for years until their own world started coming to an end, They remembered that the Earth was rich in Gold and Gold was what their solar system needed to heal.

So they returned to Earth this time with a job at hand, mining the Gold, at this point, it seems that the Earth was populated by 4 different versions of what I call to simplify “The Monkey or Ape men” messing with the genetics of these breeds may be why till this day we still have different races, we may have all been created from different species of these money men mixed with Anunnaki blood in test tubes this being my personal theory, I’m sure I’m not the only one to reslize this but the idea would be very controversial in this PC world the Anunnaki is hard enough for most to grasp..The different races being offshoots of different species of ape men is to much to ask Some to grasp I guess so anyway, While mining gold after a few hundred years they realized not only would it take forever and their planet would be done these cavemen were plentyfull and strong as Hell BUT dumb as dogshit

They used their advanced knowledge to create a slave race to help them mine gold, They knew it would only take about 16 Years for these beings to grow up strong enough to work and mine for them.

So they took The Neanderthals, mud and their own blood and created the offshoots which became us the modern human beings and The first man and woman were created and set out upon the Earth in Africa which is where Eden was Adam was named After the Atom

Documents translated from Mesopotamian tablets can be found online and should be studied in detail, this story Is not only told but you will find the entire old Testament told in its original version with original names from Genesis to the great Flood and everything in between, it turns out that the old testament is an abridged version of Mesopotamian records..This is 100 percent fact, not up for debate for anyone who takes the time to read them

As stated in the Bible and the Book of Enoch. As the Greek and Norse legends suggest among so many other records, The Anunnaki loved the looks of the human race so much, The raped us for dozens of years and procreated with us so often and so Many times that the world became full of these Half Human Half Alien beings looking much like Human Giants who came to rebel and rule the world, the Anunnaki and the Giants soon began having sex with and raping the Earths animal’s which is where all of the Human/Animal’s came from such as mermaids,Fauna, Satyrs, and other hybrids.The higher ups wanting to see the progress of the mining came to Earth to see what was taking so long and they were horrified at what they saw, They decided to whip the Earth clean and go back home, One Family best known as Noah was given Dna of all species originally on Earth and several Hundred Anunnaki now called the watchers stayed behind to reset the planet and The Human race, They stayed with is, educated us and lived with us long enough to get on in our own in more advanced civilizations Hence Egypt and all the other first civilizations all have depictions of us and them and made it very obvious that they lived alongside of the Gods in their time .I think Jack Parsons, L Ron Hubbard, Crowley and even Hitler and the Nazi party made contact again with all of their Sacrifices and rituals because in the time of those men until today we have advances so far so fast it must be Alien knowledge we are working with, for 1000’s of years man advanced slowly, now in about 50 years we went from the simple life TO smart phones and Human cloning.

To be continued. ..

Anthony Arcanum


Were Greek Gods, Norse Gods and Grendel actually Nephilim?

We have all heard these words ring out in Genesis.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

The Books of Enoch, The Bible and Holy, religious and Occult workings Mention Giants unknown to our worlds Mixed Beings of Human/Animal parts of Giant heights with great powers.This goes back to ancient hieroglyphics on each end of the Earth made by so called less intelligent and evolved humans who had no way to get in touch with each other BUT they stories are all the same..A world where Giant Gods came down, Educated them breed with them, Then the head God got mad at what the world turned into and ended the world with a massive flood which only one Family Survived most well known version and name being Noah.All of this taking place several thousand years before out bible and before recorded History

The  Nephilim were Lucifer and His pack of Demons Kicked out of Paradise and send to Earth and Below, Lucifer being the light bringer and light in this case being Knowledge and personal freedom and development And having no restrictions Loved Human females and it seems animals from records of Half man/ Half Horse beings and so many others we in modern days see are pure myths.

As Per Wiki

The New American Bible commentary draws a parallel to the Epistle of Jude and the statements set forth in Genesis, suggesting that the Epistle refers implicitly to the paternity of nephilim as heavenly beings who came to earth and had sexual intercourse with women.[19] The footnotes of the Jerusalem Bible suggest that the biblical author intended the nephilim to be an “anecdote of a superhuman race”.[20]

Some Christian commentators have argued against this view,[21][22] citing Jesus’s statement that angels do not marry.[23] Others believe that Jesus was only referring to angels in heaven.[24]

Evidence cited in favor of the “fallen angels” interpretation includes the fact that the phrase “the sons of God” (Hebrew: בְּנֵי הָֽאֱלֹהִים; literally “sons of the gods”) is used twice outside of Genesis chapter 6, in the Book of Job (1:6 and 2:1) where the phrase explicitly references angels. The Septuagint manuscript Codex Alexandrinus reading of Genesis 6:2 renders this phrase as “the angels of God” while Codex Vaticanus reads “sons”.[25]

Certain wise men of old wrote concerning them, and say in their [sacred] books, that angels came down from heaven, and mingled with the daughters of Cain, who bare unto them these giants. But these [wise men] err in what they say. God forbid such a thing, that angels who are spirits, should be found committing sin with human beings. Never, that cannot be. And if such a thing were of the nature of angels, or Satans, that fell, they would not leave one woman on earth, undefiled… But many men say, that angels came down from heaven, and joined themselves to women, and had children by them. This cannot be true. But they were children of Seth, who were of the children of Adam, that dwelt on the mountain, high up, while they preserved their virginity, their innocence and their glory like angels; and were then called ‘angels of God.’ But when they transgressed and mingled with the children of Cain, and begat children, ill-informed men said, that angels had come down from heaven, and mingled with the daughters of men, who bear them giants.

Now I don’t believe that The earth is The Original Planet of Human Beings

I believe all of those sub/ape Species we find millions of years of Bones all over the planet were the original Earth Dwellers The Nephilim most likely mated with them and formed the Giants spoken of along with the Anunnaki creating us in test tubes But the Anunnaki

and Humans are for another Entry coming soon.

If We think about it all of the Giants in the old Myths sound a lot like these Godlike offspring.

1 Being called Gods and living in or coming from the Sky

2 teaching us everything we know

Demi Gods mentioned all over like that of Zeus.

Back in the Day’s they didn’t take the time to carve images into stone for fun, They were recording their history for us to see. The Nephilim are very real, and till this day bones are found all around the world and its always swept under the rug, Our very Own Abraham Lincoln, is quoted as saying before Congress in 1848
“The eyes of that species of extinct giant, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now.” And many more of our Historical figures admitted to seeing these bones.

So While the Greek, Norse Gods Etc plus monsters like Grendel recorded in all of these Pre Christ Era books may be mostly myths I feel that they all may be based off of actual living Nephilim living in different parts of the planet back then.

I will be touching a lot on this topic and also the before mentioned Anunnaki a lot more often in posts to come this is just a quick rough draft of this Idea.