Summoning a Goetic Spirit with no previous experience of Magick by the great occultist- The Artis Magistra.

I might as well embarrass myself more thoroughly and tell you some other sweet things while I’m at it!

The best protection against anyone or anything is being perfectly good, pure, innocent, and righteous.

How so? Considering that little babies get raped, and children get molested? Is it their fault? Is it Karma (the theme of the day, or rather its denials)? Nay!

The garment of righteousness does not mean one will not suffer, or can’t be harmed, but if its done right, then it makes such things all the less likely and even more so all the more unwarranted and inexcusable, and what is unwarranted and inexcusable are things we can imagine gathering support regarding.

So traditionally, the garment of righteousness was definitely not about acting high and mighty or thinking that you’re high and mighty.

If one is to imitate Solomon, he acknowledged that all his gifts and powers were not a matter of his own cunning, but even such cunning was given to him by that which gives everything to anyone. That is where his authority over the world animals, spirits, and people came from. What did he do with this power? He spread the good word and focused largely on making things beautiful, doing things he liked, all the while being grateful when he would remember his Luck, which was by no means due to any virtue of his own doing. Luck is another word for God, who gives freely to those who are thus favored, and who likewise is responsible for those baby rapes mentioned earlier. In Medieval Magic, God is a very important concept and that is why I bring it up when the Art of Solomon is mentioned. Modern people like to mix things up, they want some things but not other things, which is fine, but in order to pick and choose, it can be helpful to at least know what all there is to pick and choose from!

So the garment of righteousness is what Solomon was clothed with, which most men and women these days lack entirely.

The garment of righteousness has nothing to do with a desire to be poor, because Solomon wished to be rich, and has nothing to do with being glamorous or beautiful, Solomon was deeply into aestheticism and beauty, and it has nothing to do with running away from responsibility or authority, Solomon was in a position of responsibility as a King (and you’re all Kings actually and always in a position of service to your Kingdom, the whole of your experience and all that is within it), and you also have rights and an authority to judge and speak what is right and best.

To purify or have the intent to purify the body, physically, and beautify it rightly and thus honor it and honor the world with your presence. The Earth.

To purify or have the intent to purify the mind, and beautify it rightly, and thus honor it and honor the realm of thought with your presence. The Heavens.

and all that is in between, that being, the transmission between the material to the non-material (but still part of information), and the non-material to the material. Jacob’s Ladder or “Stairway to Heaven”.

Everything is Real, and everything is physical. The opposite of that is simultaneously true, and overall this is one truth. What you call real is the unreal, and what you call unreal is all there is to it and all that guides it. What is stems only from What is not, and to Nothing it returns.

Now if you clean yourself, your body, your mind, and thus your life as a whole (all that is in between), and act rightly and in justice and goodness, your power will be undeniable, because only the unwise would hate you or try to stop you, because you would be a benefit to them all.

This is also how you would be able to finally verify what spirits are mal-intended or not, and discern people, since anyone who wishes you harm will be trying to take out something that is actually great, that can actually justify itself.

Your justifications have to be good, they have to be present, and apparent, inside and out. You are not justified by trinkets and tools, while your anus is filthy, it is you who is being judged and assessed ultimately.

This whole project, and the desire to pursue these things, lead to greater things than merely just the communication with so and so. This is a complete project of glorification. To become great and adorable is high worship of the Artisan. Better than “lip service” as they call it.

A demon only wants your soul, the same commodity I am after, and what they want with it is to live vicariously through it, again the same that I work for in everything. To destroy you is only out of hatred and frustration for what you’re failing to be, to turn you into something wonderful.

Solomon used his requests and boons in massive engineering and scientific projects in an era of miracles.

You were called ALREADY. Do you think that your degree has nothing to do with why you’ve become attracted to communicating with entities? When you are in communication with them, as you are, do you think that you’re not an asset? The more you make yourself an asset, the more useful you are to the overall project.

Even when there is help towards individuals who ask for petty and idiotic things, and are granted them, it is not for some cigarettes unless you’re dealing with a being as illiterate as those who ask for such things or desire such things.

It is the spirit of Solomon you must invoke in yourself, the nature of Solomon, who was ever grateful, who was ever ATTENTIVE, who was ever Just while tempered with Mercy, who wished to Beautify himself and the World and thus Glorify God who granted him all the means to do so.

Solomon, who wore the garment of righteousness, who continuously worked to purify himself, his physical body, his physical residence, all that is around him, his mind, and who was ultimately humble. Humility is not saying “Oh, I’m poor, I’m weak”, Humbleness is knowing that nothing you have is your own, you have it all by Chance alone. When you are EMPTY, then you can be FILLED. What we want are VESSELS, machines that work for us, it as the reason for creation, it was the reason for the material. To be a machine is not a shame, it is power, and the more you are a machine, the more empty, the more powerful. The energy will not come from you nor will you be responsible for it, you will just be taking the ride and doing what you are told, with caution, with care. This is the Great Work, which few perform, and which any worthy spirit hopes for.

What are you except an electromagnetic conduit with potential (energy) for achievement (action)?

The Artis Magistra at may be able to help you.

The demons you desire are a reflection of yourself as seen through a dark mirror.

You communicate only with one, the same one that Solomon knew, to which all humans and spirits alike are compelled to obey, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, who appears freely in signs, symbols, forms, languages, words, dreams, events, music videos, books, farts, diarrhea, insects, whatever. Who can speak to you through your mother, scorn you as your father, taunt you as your sibling or friend. Who rides with you in the car, who has sex with you and then cheats on you, who causes you suffering and makes you happy.

The cleanest eyes may see the clearest. The truth is spoken by a just mouth.

The unclean pursue the unclean, because they feel afraid of what they are not. If you can become great, then the great will come to you willingly and are only happy to contribute and invest in your being (your overall experience).

The first step is a mind turned towards beauty and righteousness, what is best and most beautiful, what would make you the most excellent of all, that which you would adore and not be pleased to see the world without? In this, Orobas can guide you by the very nature of what is written about Orobas which has appealed to you.

Become beautiful and righteous and you will increase your safety, but if you misunderstand what beauty and righteousness really is, and think it means dressing like the pictures they draw of Jesus and going around causing anxiety to people, then you’ll be in danger no matter what sort of paint you use for a circle or a triangle.

Nothing is more abhorrent to us than filth, and liars. Demons have ethics too, ethics stem naturally from any sense or having to deal with certain dynamics. They have reasons in a world that claims conditions.
So you might have to start developing some better habits even!


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