Words of wisdom from an occultist friend of mine called The Artis Magistra

Income should also be invested so that it can produce more income through various businesses.

People with particular talents should be trained, but also friends should be made which can benefit an individual potentially or help if ever there is a need, professionals with resources, money, connections, or positions where they might be able to help, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals such as business people, producers, financiers, and whoever might have sufficient networks of resources that should all be kept on good terms.

Daily life should not be consumed by these things, and one should mainly do these things for enjoyment and leave any difficult work and troubles to others when possible. Life should be lived mostly indoors in a pleasant living space, with most things delivered or available and not requiring much travel or difficulty to acquire. Rushing around and worrying about things is not the plan, just leisurely thinking and art, eating, sleeping, watching things, and making money in the most remote ways possible, focused only on pleasure, reducing and eliminating all elements of anxiety and stress whenever possible, limiting spending and buying and things which disrupt space or building obligations or responsibilities or a feeling that one has to finish a large or overwhelming amount of things.theartismagistra@gmail.com


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