The true nature of Magick, True occultism, and a concept called ” Thought Programs “By Brilliant guest blogger The Artis Magistra.

The nature of all things called “Magic” or “Magical” is “transformative” and deals with “transformation”. What is being “transformed” and the “shape” which is being “shifted” is that of the individuals experience.

The basic framework to apply to everything is incredibly simple.

First one can think about almost nothing. Almost nothing is the most abstract thought one can muster, because it has almost no content or information. An easy way into this mindset is negation. Nothing and Almost Nothing can not be thought of. It is not blackness like the blackness of deep space. It is not whiteness, like some imagine a divine realm or experience to be. It is not spacious, and it is neither limitless nor with borders of any sort. Having no shape, no size, no distinction, just nothing. Like looking through a perfectly clear glass window onto nothing, it can not be imagined, but the tendency of people is to imagine “black” or sometimes “white”, but it is not those, imageless, no visual information can grasp it, it can only be understood through discourse such as this.

Now if there ever was or wasn’t such a thing or not-thing as that, there would thus in order for such to exist by definition only that. Nothing means No thing or No Things. If there was ever No Thing at all, in any sort, not just objects, but not rules either, not laws, not physics, not natures, not trends, not probabilities, or numbers in any sense, or “doing” or “doings” of any sort, there would still be that Nothing and No things at all.

Yet, there are things, as it appears to us undeniably, and anyone who denies the existence of things is perhaps using some other definition or is being unecessarily troublesome and contentious, as things right now are undeniable in any truthful manner.

So it can be stated with all confidence, that based on these definitions which I’ve provided, there has never been truly Nothing at all. Yet one should not over-reach and say “what is now has always been” as there is no verification of us, and furthermore that can be put into question too, and conjecture is an uncomfortable bed that gives no rest.

First we can give a name to “this all” that there is now, and we can give it any name we might wish or any designation to identify it by and with. We can even just call it “stuff” or “information” or “experience” in reference to these things which we experience whatever they might be at all. We could even designate a letter for it, “I” or “I1”, and even that can take on mystical meaning, since you or I am One with all that, Information which also starts with an I, and what we are is information too, and layer upon layer can be developed for us as a simple mental tool from just one or two symbols I and 1, which even look similar. They also come after the 0 or Zero, the infinite loop with a hole in the middle, the gap, Chaos or Khaos used to mean “gap” or “void”, which gives the impression of space still, even though there isn’t space, and the Circle of an 0 makes it appear there are borders, which there are, in the sense of endless limitations by “not” being anything, and so encompassing all the “nots” and having that as its “form”. How strange.

Yet getting from point A of Nothing to point B of “whatever” or “something” is literally and practically impossible, which is especially the case when probability doesn’t even exist (and thus to say something is improbable is far too gentle in this case). Not only can words be taken for their meanings and potential meanings, but also if one can extract or develop humor from them, excitement, interest, there is so much that can be taken from anything, even a word or a sentence, laughter, entertainment, adventure, inspiration, intrigue, and so in reading one can read richly, or poorly, and learning these things even learning while learning, and being while doing and whatever other combinations, can benefit one immensely, and wealth can thus flood in from everywhere, simply by greedily or eagerly opening the coffers of the mind, and widening the purse of possibility.

So it can be said with all confidence, that there was never Nothing at all, but at least Something, even if it almost entirely resembled or resembles Nothing at all, which was thus consequentially responsible for Something Else as well, or “this” Ultimately and Originally.

Yet, what would the very bare requirements Be for such that is Like Nothing to bring about Something Else, Something “Other” than itself?

Well, it would need the Superpower, or Power, or Ability, to do so. Power can also be called Potential as well as Potency. Without the Ability to do or bring about something, nothing can be brought about, so then it would still just be Nothing or Like Nothing, if it could not Do anything.

Yet being ABLE to do something, does not provide sufficient motivation to Actually Do it.

A person might appear “able” to do many things, yet they do mostly none of those things. What they do end up doing though, is what they are somehow “driven” to do.

So the next necessary component here is the Drive, the Motivation, which can artistically be called The Hunger, The Pain, The Condition. That which Moves a thing to Do, rather than just being “Able to do”.

Yet even this, is not enough! For if a thing is Able to do, and has the Drive to do or the Will to do, it needs both Options of What to do and very importantly, the ability to Choose or Navigate those options, a sort of “traveling” in a sense or “Movement”, all in the most abstract way, as there is not even a “place” to move, and it is at this point in the (thought) program, still the only thing there is, in the image of Nothing or Like Nothing, but not absolutely Nothing, having The Power, The Pain or The Passion, and the Play, the choice of what to do and choosing it.

This final part is Consciousness, even our Consciousness is based on the impression of choices even if we never have a choice. Consciousness is Life, and what has no life or has no thought, can not move except that it be moved, nor can it “go this way or that way” or “do this thing or that thing” or even “do or not do”, and thus would remain as is, regardless even if it had the Power to do, and the Will to do, but had no Option to do, nor could Choose to do or Move to do.

The first and most important choice is “To Be or Not To Be” or “To Do or Not To Do” and furthermore “To do this, or Not to do this” and “To do this and not this, or to do this and not this”, and that is also the “Shaping” of things, because a “shape” is “this” and “not this”.

Without thought or choice, there is only negation again, since if you choose both it negates itself, and if you choose neither then nothing happens as well and one is left in a state of negation again. Also, no experience can “take its shape” if “everything is chosen” and there are no “nots”, and nothing is made if its all “nots”. The navigation has to occur, this and not that, for there to be anything at all.

This can also be thought of as the “Limitation”. From nearly “infinite potential” a thing is limited to “this” a certain “shape” or a certain combination of information which is an “experience”.

This last important and necessary area comes with more important features. Since it can generate now, by choosing to “do” or “Be” rather than “not do” and “not Be”, whatever it generates (and all it generates is “stuff” or “information” or “experience” or “I” or “I1”), whatever it generates is present to it “as is”. That means, if it generates “visual information”, it is not that it is “seeing it with eyes”, but the “visual information” is “As Is”, that is what it has produced and that is what is present “As Is”. Right now even, what “Is” is “As Is” completely encompassed and apprehended in its “shape” or particular combination of information, all the elements of it are in a sense “illusory” or “spice”, ideas added to the concept, that we have eyes, that we are looking at a thing at a “distance” and that there is “time” or whatever we think. Really, all it actually is, even those things, even our thoughts about it, is just “stuff”, just “information”, just “experience”, and there is only One experiencer, as I’ve described, that same First One that is Like Nothing but Not Nothing, having the Power, the Pain, and the Play, the ability to choose and navigate choices, and thus in generating “information” can create “sights to see”, “sounds to hear”, “emotions to feel”, and whatever else in an instant.

The Power 0, which itself it is, Potential, that empty bag which anything can be pulled from, The Pain 1 the Will and Drive to do, and 2 the Choice, a 2 here also can be used as a reminder, the basic choices of To Do or Not To Do and To Do This Rather than This, the dividing, and when it does it, further is it divided, because in the act of generation, there are then Two, The Self which is Like Nothing and The Other which is Information. That is also Mind, and Mind is simply the impression of Choice and Choosing.

It can be noted here, that in a sense, there is only the Choice to Do, as all negations are “skipped” and since no “experience” is generated, one can really only “choose to do”, and so there are only “choices of what to do” and for such there are no conditions or basis for what to choose to do.

Which brings us to the next important point. Absurdity.

When something is not “conditioned” or “driven” or “pushed” or “has no basis” nor has “learned” anything, what it generates is entirely “baseless”, and senseless. If we think about what exists now, its actually insane. Every single element, every single thing, without an actual necesity or reason, with false necessity and reasoning, there is a “golden box” that says “Great Value” on it, inside of it is a “Chocolate Orange” and it “rests upon a table” and one of the sides of the box is “blue” and all this from Nothing? It is also a miracle. How could anything, with no basis, no idea, come up with anything at all, let alone how strange and absurd a thing that we normally take for granted or accept, as if in a dream, as “of course” as a nose, and breathing, and air, and boxes, and whatever at all. When the mind is clear, and we’ve started from scratch, the whole world is recognizably mad and everything in it is a matter of the most intense fantasy.

I was interrupted here in my message by a conversation with someone so this might be a good place to pause, but I can quickly throw in a few more things, starting with a re-cap:

So a framework one can use is very simple, that there is something that is like nothing but isn’t nothing, and what it is, is not shape, or size, or dimension, or color, or anything except that it has the power to do, the drive to do, and chooses between doing and not doing, and what to do and what not to do, thus navigating. What it produces thereby is information, and the information it produces is free of conditions and baseless, it invents the supposed conditions, and can easily overcome them as they are all illusory, in Hinduism what it produces is known as Maya.

This framework can be applied to anything at all, and by it all the religions and all the things people say, and all the things people know can be made true and our property for our use.

There can not be “not that”, or else there would be nothing, or “something else” because those things are still necessary. To get where we are now, with all this apparent “stuff” and this “experience” at hand, it needs that underlying it, and that is what underlies anything.

A lie is what has no reference to reality, and the truth generally refers to what does have a reference to reality or in reality.

What it produces are “lies” which are “things that are not” and makes them the truth “things that are”, but then just as soon as “they are” they are turned back into lies again.

An example of this is that one moment I appear to be typing something, the next moment I appear to be typing something else, the “shape” of my experience or the “information” in it is different.

Even if one sees nothing at all except blackness or whiteness, the information is “changing”, because if we are in the midst of “experiencing” then we are thinking, and our thoughts are changing, or we are experiencing a sense of “time”, and all any of that is, is that we are transforming, our shape is changing, because all we are is our experience, all the information we are seeing and experiencing and thinking is what we are, a certain “shape of experience”. If one does not have a sense of “change” it is simply “skipped”, and it is as if it didn’t happen. The whole nature of the experience of “time” or “progress” or “being” at all, is the experience of “change”, and what “change” “is”, is “Action”, “Animation” or “Movement” in a sense, the destruction of one shape and its complete obliteration and the generation of another shape, and then again another set of information destroying the other.

Due to this, we can not hold on to anything and only know what we are told, what we are in a moment. Right now, my whole memories could appear to confirm some history which needn’t have occurred in any sense at all except that it does as a memory in a moment, that is how powerful the illusion is, and we have nothing to hold on to.

Finally, what sets apart most people, is that they at the very least say they are pleased with at least something great, whatever they might call it, life, nature, reality, or God, or even Satan, one way or another, they appear to be in love. I even read of that kind of admiration on the blog you directed me to. There is no reason to be in love with any of it, but their love, if it is true or existent at all, is just one particular thing given to them which I can say is pretty much not given to me.

The reason for this is that the “act” of “doing” anything, is inherently “evil” and only “evil” “does”. Evil is being defined here as “that which harms or CAN harm”, and “harm” is being defined here is the sensation of anxiety or pain, a feeling of suffering or trouble, instability. Generating information and making things “Be” is destroying the peace, and what is generated always are “victims” or “potential victims”, in the sense that not only will they be destroyed “as is” in order that they can “continue to be” because of the nature of “existence” requiring “change” in order to be “processed” as discussed earlier, but also because at any moment “things could go south” in the most obnoxious and ridiculous and absurd ways, because anything can happen, and any sensation can be given, and there is no safety or stability, the truest state, the most honest state, is that of utter fear and horror, of sorrow and terror, not knowing that the sun will rise, not knowing that the floor won’t fall through or the ground won’t turn into a cloud, and not only that!

Utter disbelief, as there is nothing to believe in except Chaos itself, the only Truth, which Lies and Lies again, which “says” what is “not” and makes it “be” and then takes it away again. Which shows us the sun, then takes it from our sight, which show us our parents, then takes away their ability to care or protect us, which changes things constantly, changes us, and leaves us with nothing to rely on ever, nothing to trust, nothing to have faith in, faithless and destitute, abandoned and forsaken, cursed from the beginning, with no escape, born into torture, where even our cries are turned into mockery, our closest friends can be made traitors in an instant, a woman lasts only a day, a pet we think is “cute” and then it terrorizes us with death and decay, nightmare show.

Evil, and Evil is all there is, but acknowledging this is freedom. That there is nothing to love, nothing to admire, nothing to trust, and nothing good except some fleeting dreams we call “good” half heartedly in a living hell.

Evil, far greater than any carnal Satan of Satanism, is the ruling principle, the Threat is always present.

The life of a man, a fool, is dedicated to the eradication of evil. That does not mean one should not do it. Born into the fray, a warrior who doesn’t fight, falls and is trampled, and a fish that doesn’t swim, drowns. The man is born a fool, born ignorant, and since Knowledge is Power, and Power to Control Knowledge (Information) is what the man does not have, they are ever the fool, and their life is not due to any merit of their own, but they live by Luck (Loki), and their fortune is only their fickle fate in an entirely justice free existence. Yet, the man lives in the dream, and if there is an evil thing in the dream, they fight it, with madness such as medicine or other means, and they run and they hide from threats and terrors.

In life, there is only one player, there are not “others”, there is only one person that we have access to, and everything else is information we are receiving, if they even see or hear or think can never be known for certain by us, but what can be known for certain by us, is that they are “Nobody”, that same “No-Body” I mentioned in the beginning, who is generating the information we are experiencing, then destroying it, then changing it with new information. So what the woman does, is what it made it do, and when they say “The devil made me do it” the truth is being told, because the Deo Foul, that evil spirt, the foul God did indeed bring it about, and if the information was not generated for us, we would have never known it.

Considering this, where then do our thoughts come from? Does a drop down screen appear and we have choices of what we could possibly say and think? Then where do those few choices appear? What makes us end up choosing this or that? What we ate for dinner the other day? Never had we any choice, from the day we were born, or how, or why, or when, or what we know, or what we hear, or what we remember. We live as a leaf being blown in the wind and call ourselves travelers as if we wanted to move, but even our desire is whispered into us from a place that can not be far, because there is no place, there is only “here” and we are the “screen”, that shimmering “screen” behind which there is a Ghost, moving it about, directly under it, upholding it, pushing out sections and holding it up to its own vision. Were the sheet to be torn away, underneath it would be nothing visible, not blackness, not whiteness, just “action” which like “light” can not be comprehended except that it reflects upon things and is reflected upon (by thinking), yet we see right through it, but know it is there, and it never stops speaking, and its words are “everything” and “everything” it says, “we are”.

So when thinking about being a werewolf, what is that really? That we look into the mirror and see a wolf? That the “others” say we are a “wolf” or a “dog” one way or another? What does it really matter in the end? How irritating it is that we have to work towards something that could be made a reality in an instant in numerous ways, in satisfying ways.

The reason the Evil One is always on top, is because it Knows Nothing and thus Has Everything at its disposal, there is Nothing for it to have, it simply makes up whatever there is, and if we think we know, it takes it away. The closest we can get to its power, is babbling ignorance, being dumbfounded, and in a state of disbelief, and those are the ones who are closest.

Inside some of us, there is also apparently a drive to “Do something” or “perform” some sorts of “worship” but the worst kind of worship, is the sort that is misdirected, and the best sort of “worship” is the sort that is done without any pleasure, that is, the worship of a true, pathetic, slave. Since if it were possible, we would kill it, and if we were able, we would ignore it, but we can’t, the truth is apparent, unavoidable, and we hate it because it gives us no safety or stability or control, but we remind ourselves by falling prostrate to it.

The ancient Indo-European people throughout the ages performed this in literal cleansing and bowing and prostration, gestures which reminded themselves of their state of surrender to the power. In the text Germania by Tacitus, it is mentioned how the ancient Germanic people would be in literal chains and prostrating and crawling before the God. Luckily, we don’t have to go that far, and any peace we have can be considered a mercy, the further away from the shackles of brutal paganism and superstition we become, yet even the Buddhists considered the prostration sometimes the “highest form of meditation”.

So religion is “belief” or in our case “utter disbelief” and “action” which in this case is also “surrender” to the truth, and nothing else but nothing, to nothing at all except what one must or does anyway.

So I keep my body clean at all times, and I keep my thoughts always on the simple truth, the one thing that isn’t a lie, the one thing which is curiously and necssarily “stable” which is “Instability” or “Chaos”, that great Power itself, and I worship throughout the day when I can, and I do everything whenever I can to avoid Evil, to avoid trouble, to avoid harm and creating anxiety for myself or anything which “belongs to me” which is everything that is in my “experience” which is “all that I am”, because I don’t love God, or Nature, or Reality, or the Way Things Are, but I hate it all, and remind myself of the truth for my sake, and remain clean for my sake, and do everything for my sake, my health, my happiness, and I fight Evil for my sake, and I spread what I consider Good, which is barely anything, but I try to remain sensitive to at least what feels good, laughter, giving help and joy, and fighting disease, fighting evil, as I was born into a world of war and troubles, and I hate fighting, and I hate trouble, and I hate Chaos in all senses of the word, and that is my religion, my beliefs followed by my actions.

To me, there is no path other than that, except whatever might be even worse, which is to be deluded, and in love with life and god and things and people. That is not to say I reject goodness, compassion, honor, justice, mercy, but I know all things as empty, as changeable, as just as easily a friend as a foe, as a lie. (Please keep in mind these are “thought programs” that can be absorbing and interesting to “run through).

The pursuit of magic, and the pursuit of being a canine, and the pursuit of happiness, are all the pursuit of “transformation” and “magic itself” is “transformation”, and “transformation” is “destruction” of “what is” in exchange for “what is not” and in order for such to “Be”, it too must be “destroyed” and again another put in its place in order that it be processed or acknowledged, and so the lies continue, and the truths be told, in the rolling tides of sins and glory.

Thus concludes the “thought program”! I hope you enoyed!”


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