Who is The Artis Magistra?

This is a great Man and a greater mystery, He is filled with so much occult knowledge I am not sure He is not someone who has found the Secrets of the Stone and lived through 70 Generations, We met on a Fourm that I became a Mod on, Its a very big forum for Occultists with now over 13000 yet He stood out as soon as He joined…He came on acting as a total newbie and asking loads of Questions which at first seemed like He was trolling but i Quickly realized that He knew the answers, He was just trying to make folks think, He did not last long on the board, He was always in Conflict with other members, always getting reported etc.it got to a point where He was banned more they active, I would even ban Him at the end for a day or two just to protect Him. My thinking was if I ban Him for two days. its better then another Mod coming along and Banning Him for life But Alas, The Permaban took Effect, As fate would have it,  fellow member, and a Member of an Order that a few of us are creating, asked for My password and made this site look professional, as it were before this it looked very cheesy since i built it and had no clue how to build a site, then the same day The Artis starting hitting me with the Emails to post as articles on here…For about two weeks I was planning on Revamping and making this not only my Blog. but a blog for anyone with something to share, This blog will now be very Guest writer Heavy, I came out with this idea in order to have a blog that shares the best occult wisdom out there, the way to get that done is by having people from all walks of the occult write an Article on what they know best..The Artis is for now the Kelly to my John Dee, Every great occultist always has another mind more brilliant then theirs in the shadows, for some reason it always seems to work like that, As Great as Crowley was it was it students such as IR that really made the best impacts on future generations with their books on His methods.. So when You Guys see Me post an Article from the Great Artis, please read in full, for your own sakes, not mine, since of i posted it I have already read it and Began to study the text in great detail. The Man is a modern Master, and He is doing us a Favor by giving us some wisdom, the least we can do is read…I happen to be the Lucky Guy he chose to Spread His lessons, also He offered to take no credit, I could have posted all of His articles and claimed them to be my own BUT I am not that type, and that is not the point of my Guest bloggers, I want them to shine and Promote as best as they can So my next post will be a very long, and thought Provoking article from The Artis, sit back, read and Enjoy.

Anthony Arcanum


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