A very power “Intranquil Spirits ” love spell By MasterWizard JintheNinja.

Caution, intranquil spirits are unelevated, parasitic spirits who are drawn to the energy of the living. You are doing both yourself and them a disservice if you partake in any intranquil spirit work. I highly recommend instead doing a strong cut and clear, and road opening instead. Cut your losses while you’re still able. And draw someone better. This is dangerous work, and will likely result in a crossed condition for even the most cautious worker. The target will never love you. They will obsessively target you for a time, and then it will need to repeated in a fashion (or continuous love domination type works will need to be done regularly). At your own peril, but I strongly recommend simply learning this work so you are able to UNCROSS this from others in the future (you cannot undo what you don’t understand).


-Vandal root
-Knot grass
-Red ants
-sulfur powder
-Menstral / sex fluid
-photo of target
-1 red skull or gender candle
-3 black (preferably rolled beeswax) tapers but natural beeswax or black paraffin households are fine too.
– grave dirt (from a widows grave is preferable)
-3 pins preferably with resin tip
-hemp cord (red or black)
-4 pomagranates
-1 small ish bottle of rum

(This has been formulated for people without spiritual oils, however, a mixture of intranquilo oil and come to me oil from a reputable source wouldn’t go wrong here)

Carve the skull with targets name, your intention (I.e. Dominate, come back, etc), a short invocation of the intranquil spirits, quincunx at the top of the skull.

Dress the skull in honey/herb mixture (and oil), sex fluids, cologne of target, or personal effects. And Set aside. Take the photos and Write the targets name 3 times on the back of the photo with red ink, birthdate is a good idea as well. Write your name 3 times over top their name (and your birthdate over their birthdate) in black ink, Now Shift the photo 90 degrees and write vertically over top the two names “cannot sleep” “cannot fuck” “cannot eat” “by the intraquil fires of hell.” Dress with a quincunx of oil (if you have it) and set aside. Otherwise use the black pen to mark the quincunx. Set aside.

Unroll the beeswax tapers and lightly fill with oil/honey-herb mix, sulfur powder, ants and grave dirt) and one petition on a small piece of parchment (I.e. “Cannot sleep”) Or if using household candles, carve the petition, name of target, and roll in the mixture.

Set aside.

Using a plate as your work space, place the red skull candle in the middle. Make sure you have enough room to add the 3 black tapers in an inverted pyramid shape (if your target is a man) surrounding the skull. Don’t add them yet.

Recite the intranquil spirits prayer and recite your targets name X 9. Light the candle, read Song of Solomon 1:4, 4:16,7:6-10. Take a pin, heat it with the flame of the candle until it grows hot, reciting one of your petitions (I.e. Cannot fuck), do this with each pin and poke them in an inverted triangle shape on the forehead of the skull candle where you would imagine a “third eye” would be.

Now take your black candles, light each on independently using the skull flame, recite the intranquil prayer and one petition (I.e. Cannot eat) like you did with the pins, place them in an inverted triangle around the skull. As you place each candle, take one pomagranate and place it is on the four imaginary corners of the plate. Promise the intranquil spirit that they will taste the sweetness of life if they fulfill your petition (through your offering), and their thirst may be quenched if they ease your suffering and don’t stop until they search the 4 corners of the earth for your target.

Now take your photo/petition paper, fill it with the herb/honey/mineral mixture. Fold it three times towards you. So you should make a little “packet.” Take the hemp string (hemp is not nearly as flammable as synthetic or cotton so it’s highly recommended, and it comes in black or red), wrapping the packet, first horizontally, then Vertically. You should now have a small square shaped packet wrapped in cord.
Tightly grasping the packet in your fingers, run it through each flame of the black tapers reciting each petition. You don’t want to burn it, you want to symbolically “heat” it. Then do the same on the skull candle, with targets name, intraquil prayer, and songs of Solomon as above. Place the petition photo under the plate, and let the candles burn all the way down (no exceptions). When the candles are waxy puddles,
Remove the three pins and pierce the packet 3 times (to represent mind, heart and genitals). You want to thread the pin through the actual photo, so the packet can lay flat in an envelope.

Bring the wax, whisky and pomagranates out to a crossroads. Pray the intranquilo prayer, place the offerings (open the bottle and pour some on each corner),
Tell them the “name of the target’s” light is sweeter than these offerings I give you. So give him no rest until he returns.

Leave and take a different route home.

Cleansing is a MUST. However, hyssop would not be recommended since youre invoking very hot spirits for a continued job.

And you have to be willing to repeat the work, because if/when they return, they won’t be in love, they will be obsessed with you. This is dangerous work, and not to be taken lightly. It is against every principle of spiritism, and unless you’re only doing love work, it can disrupt your ability to work on other facets. It is not graceful, recommended, or holy, it is LAST resort work. Particularly if you need financial or physical aide from the wandering partner. It is also primarily a work for women.


8 thoughts on “A very power “Intranquil Spirits ” love spell By MasterWizard JintheNinja.

  1. Varies like all of these things one took 5 months but we had to get her to move back home across like 9 countries lol one took 6 weeks and one took 3 days, you never can tell with magick it’s it’s own living thing


      1. But you won’t be able to know because you have no contact with the person .. I’ve heard you shouldn’t keep in contact while doing intranquil


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