The Avant Garde King or Liminal Slave by very special guest writers,Baron and Baronessa Araignee from Araignee Arcane Services

The Avant Garde King or Liminal Slave

We would like to thank Anthony Arcanum for inviting us to render an article on this blog. You are very gracious and kind. Again, thank you.

“Modern” Magick is not so “modern” at all. Why? Simply because most paradigms still practice ancient superstitious beliefs and has not evolved. Some might argue with this, however the evidence will speak for itself.

Let’s take a closer look at what actually makes the Supernatural…well supernatural: Human experience, perception and belief. Take as an example the plagues from a couple of hundred years ago. Devils, Demons and Imps where the cause of it all! However, modern science has obviously discovered the guilty culprits. Bacteria, viral infections etc and so on. Yet to this very day, so-called Adept practitioners believe this idiotic notion. This is merely an example of the ignorance that roams about in this day and age of “modern” Magick. The question remains: can a Spirit, Demon or Imp cause disease? Yes, most certainly, however it is not a physical ailment – only a physical symptom of spiritual attack. The Malicious Spirit does not attack the body but the spirit, as the Vindictive Spirit does not have a terrestrial form but a spiritual one. This does not just relate to illness, but to everything else as well.

So many Mages claim that they can evoke a Spirit successfully and direct it’s wrath upon the selected victim, however in most cases it is not so. In the psyche of the individual exists something known as Archetypes. These archetypes may actually become awakened through directed intent and become corporeal through focused energy, as seen with mental constructs and so on. Unknowingly, these Mages has evoked a part of themselves by means of a Spirit seal as a medium for a subconscious conduit. That’s why so many Spirit seals are in fact fallible as a authentic object link to the Spirit/Force they wish to summon. However we will discuss this in-depth some other time, perhaps in one of our videos.

This leads us on to the most important cornerstone in Magick: The Self.
There are many aspects of the Self that is responsible in Magick that is too readily and easily attributed to External Forces – archetypes, the power of belief, the spoken word, precognition, the power of the Will, desire, intent etc etc. However, these are simply small “branches” off of what you can truly be capable of. In order to master anything – including External Forces – you need to master yourself first, as this is where Magick starts. How do you do this? In order to reap the rewards of the Self, you must dive straight into the source – you must grow and develop your spiritual power.

When one Googles the term “what is spiritual power”, you come across many sources claiming that spiritual power is something bestowed upon you by Divinities, or is something which is obtained by acts of selflessness, kindness etc etc. This could not be more wrong. Spiritual power/energy , which is also known as Ka, Pneuma, Prana, Ashe, Mana or Chi is something which you can truly call your own, which is not owed to any external force. Anything which has self-awareness or forethought (Prometheus) has spiritual power and can grow said spiritual power indefinitely, even after the body dies if they so choose. Growing your spiritual power is not a selfless act – not at all…it is actually very selfish in nature – to grow your abilities to the full extent capable while still in a vessel of clay (your body) that will serve you long after death.

Think for one example of not having to rely upon External Forces to assist and guide you with anything – but only relying upon yourself. This might sound almost surreal, impossible – like something you would see in a movie or read about in a fictional novel. However, we can assure you – growing your spiritual power gives you very real and very tangible results. Too many practitioners rely solely on Spirits etc, however they neglect themselves completely…thereby making the External Forces a crutch for their own wanting nature.

True power starts within. If you have not mastered yourself first, how do you expect to even be able to influence anything outside of yourself? To prove our point in, for example, a case of evocation: why do more experienced practitioners tend to have better success in Magick than someone who has just entered into the world of the Occult? Whether the “forces” is external or not is irrelevant – there are many factors at play – but the main one ruling all others is SPIRITUAL POWER. You can see spiritual power as your badge of office, you being supreme potentate of your will. As an example, a foot soldier cannot command a general.

How does one develop your spiritual power then? Unfortunately, there is definitely no “easy way” with this. If you think of taking shortcuts, you will only cheat yourself and achieve nothing. It takes years of dedication, diligent self-work, deprogramming yourself from what you have been taught since birth and of course the guts to discover what you are truly capable of. The short version of this is shedding your “humanity”, and realizing you’re a god. What do we mean by “shedding your humanity”? Getting rid of your human fallibility and self imposed limitations which resides within your subconscious. After all, your subconscious is the seat of the soul…and since it accepts everything as “truth” (which the subconscious does if you did not already know this) – the programming you have received since birth is your only limitation. This will be a good first step. This might sound easy to do, but it will take a lot of effort on your behalf to do and it will be pure hell to say the least. However, it is all worth it a thousand times over.

You can either be a slave to your negative ego, or serve nothing but yourself. If you are a practitioner who’s calling is to work with External Forces such as Spirits, Beings etc – you must still not neglect yourself. We say out of experience that if you work on yourself and state this to the Forces you work with – if They are truly worth all your effort – They will not object, and will actually encourage it. If you proclaim it to Them and They object…then They are not worth your time, and does not have your best interests at heart – thus making Them weak and parasitical.

At the end of the day, when you strengthen yourself spiritually – at some point in time, you will “outgrow” working with External Forces, as you have no need in asking anything’s help any longer. You will hold the power. This is a good way to know how you have grown spiritually since you started on the Path. If you have been practicing for over 30 years and you still petition External Forces to do everything for you, as you cannot do it yourself…then you are doing something wrong. After all, the Occult exists to help the individual grow spiritually, and not to make the individual become subservient to something else.

This concludes this post – whether you want to take this to mind or not, is simply up to you. We will branch out more on various matters relating to this on future videos and such.

As Within, So Without. As Above, so Below.


Baron and Baronessa Araignee from Araignee Arcane Services


3 thoughts on “The Avant Garde King or Liminal Slave by very special guest writers,Baron and Baronessa Araignee from Araignee Arcane Services

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, it certainly wasn’t watered down like so many I have read like it. Definitely true that we have to cultivate our true divine selves & master our internals to have a tru impact on our externals. Thanks for the post, a good read 🙂

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