Mental Masturbation Article on Evocation by the GOD KING!

Yes, that’s right. I said it. There is a serious disease of self delusion in what is termed the spirit art, namely in the realm of evocation. It’s sad when I visit various occult related forums, blogs and websites and see so many people deluding themselves into believing something is happening when it most definitely is not. It is even more saddening when one of my favorite occult authors promotes this self delusion. The formal name for this delusion is called mental masturbation. For those unfamiliar with mental masturbation, according to Wiki.c2:mental masturbation.png

In layman’s terms; delusion. I hate it say it. Well, actually I don’t, because it’s the truth. What’s more, is that this delusion comes from the New Age scene. Now, I won’t bash the entire New Age movement, even though the vast majority of the information that comes out of it is severely watered down. But not everyone is meant to study and practice the occult so I can understand why. I will, however, speak out against those who promote self delusion when working with spirits. What exactly am I talking about though? Visit any occult forum that has threads about spirit work. What do you see? I can almost guarantee that you’ll find at least half a dozen recent threads with people claiming they can evoke spirits simply by focusing on the spirit’s sigil and chanting it’s “demonic enn” a few times in their heads. Or you’ll see people saying that they did some made up evocation ritual and even though they couldn’t see or hear the spirit, they proceed anyway as if the spirit was there. Shame! I shake my head as I write this.

Magic is more logical than not. What sense does it make to call out to a spirit but if you get no observable response to proceed as normal? If you called your friend and the phone picked up but no one was on the other end would you continue on with a normal conversation? Most likely not. Why would calling a spirit be any different? This is why I advocate Grimoire Tradition above all other systems of spirit contact. GT leaves no room for error or mistake. All bases are covered. If you call the spirit and it does not respond in a perceptible way, you pack up and try again later. And if spirit evocation was as simple as picturing the sigil of a spirit and chanting it’s “enn” (which is easily found with a Google search) a few times, I can promise you that I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this article. I’d have used Bune to get me in on some huge business deal or Vassago to give me the winning lotto numbers and I’d have fled to Monaco to live out the rest of my life like a king. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying no other methods of spirit evocation or contact is valid. On the contrary. Shamanism has amazing methods of spirit contact, in the fact that Shamans don’t evoke spirits, they go directly to them by descending to the Underworld. Druids have particularly interesting rites of evocation. Ian Corrigan gave us a piece of the Druid evocation cake when he published The Book of Summoning, which I highly recommend to any and all Pagans who wish to evoke spirits in a systematic way that resembles the grimoires of old. Paul Huson presented a very workable system of evocation in Mastering Witchcraft. However, these New Age influenced methods of spirit contact just won’t work. Sitting there pretending like you’re talking to a spirit that isn’t there isn’t magic, it’s psychotic. In Grimoire Tradition we protect ourselves from such delusion by not proceeding with the ritual if we can’t perceive the spirit. You may not always need to see the spirit, but you need veritable proof that something is there. “Feeling” that the spirit is there usually isn’t always enough. An exo-GT example; in the Green Tradition of Witchcraft, we use feelings only with the spirits one has developed a long term relationship with (this is usually one’s Matron and Patron and their pantheon).

I sincerely advocate that one use some sort of verification method to ensure that a spirit is indeed present to avoid the effects of mental masturbation. Ask for a sign. Again, feelings aren’t usually enough, especially for the novice. The sign could be unusual noises (I say “unusual” because most houses/buildings make noises anyway), audible voice, apparition, visuals (lights, flashes, etc). If you’re using some sort of communication device, such as an ouija board (I am against the use of ouija boards in nearly every other case save veritable spirit contact) then you can request the spirit use the board to prove it is present. Something is better than absolutely nothing. I understand that not everyone wants to waste their time by preparing for a spirit evocation only to not have the spirit appear, so the desire to proceed may be strong. But mental masturbation helps no one.

The New Age community places a lot of emphasis on one’s mental power and their ability to visualize and imagine things. This is extremely useful in magical workings when it comes to things like spellcasting or ritual work. But when it comes to evocation and other such spirit work, imagining things can be more harmful than helpful. Now, I realize that this article may ruffle some feathers, especially among New Agers. That is fine. I challenge all who are offended by this to test me. Don’t blindly accept what I say. Test me. See if what I say stands up or falls flat on it’s face. Compare the results of just sitting there focusing on a sigil and chanting an enn to the results of a veritable evocation method, again not talking about just GT here. I’m quite sure your findings will mirror my own.


Special Guest Blogger Leonardo Has an excellent Article to share on Calling the Mighty Dead..Click the link below for his article and blog.

Calling the Mighty Dead
October 11, 2015 Leave a Comment Written by Leonardo
This post has been republished by Anthony Arcanum over at

For many cultures the end of October heralds the holy days that celebrate the ancestors and the dead. In the northern hemisphere this is the midpoint between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice when nights get noticeably colder and longer as we enter the darkest time of the year. It is a fitting time to turn our minds and hearts towards the unknown, the underworld, and the dead – and remember those who have come before us.

As discussed in Honoring the Ancestors and the Dead, I firmly believe it is our duty to respect, care, and honor those who have come before us at all times regardless of the season or holiday. So while this post is indeed appropriately themed for the season, it is not about celebrating any particular holiday. This post is something a little different, it is about my personal journey digging deeper into the ancestral mysteries, and is undoubtedly a work in progress.

If I were to pick a beginning to this work, it would be about ten or eleven months ago. For some time, I had been trying to better understand certain elements of my ancestry and given that I had been working frequently with Hekate and to a lesser degree, Hermes, it felt natural to reach out to them to help facilitate communication with those remote ancestors whom I did not yet know by name.

This was a simple and sincere prayer along with the use of the PHORBA voces magicae from PGM IV 1390-1495 while I made offerings to them as guardians, protectors and guides to the dead.

Guardians of the Gates, Light-bearers of the Crossroad, Guides and Leaders of the Dead, I burn this offering in your honor.

And ask that by your power the veil between the realm of the living and the kingdom of the dead be parted so that I may commune with the Ancestors.


I invite those ancestors who I have known by name to this altar, come [names of deceased relatives], come together with those ancestors whose names I have yet to learn but whose blood runs in these veins. Come and partake of these offerings of food, fire and water laid here before you tonight.

Using the generic titles (“Guardians of the gate”, etc.) instead of the names Hermes and Hekate gave the practice a more universal feel while firmly establishing the psychopompic and liminal role of these spirits. This is also an invitation for those ancestors present to honor the spirits of these domains by whichever names they have known them.

Over the past months, I have enjoyed countless hours following the above openings in ritual, prayer, meditation, drumming, and even sleeping before the ancestral shrine. These sessions have also yielded some of the most vivid visions and authentic spirit flight experiences of my life.

As I explored the depths of our remote ancestry, I began to see a common thread woven together by the shamans, magicians, witches, and sorcerers of our past. Through them I have come to believe – with utmost conviction – in a lineage of magic practitioners dating back to our first prehistoric ancestors.

These ancestors are so far removed from modern human populations, that it is likely that we all share this ‘witch blood’ to one degree or another. For some of us this is a strong and almost inescapable calling to tap into this Promethean gift and to awaken this primordial tradition of witchcraft and magic. But for most, this mystery is a vestigial shadow of a long forgotten past.

I work magic, plain and simple. This is my primary interest and the practical application of all my esoteric studies. So naturally, these ancestral patrons of the magical arts are the mighty dead that I want to seek out and call into my workings. I soon learned; however, that while these spirits seemed willing to teach and work with me, they were definitely not easily accessible. It was only through my immediate ancestors – and in particular via a spirit I consider my primary ancestral helper – that I was able to gain access to these mighty dead.

Thus, I believe it is imperative that before seeking out the mighty dead we have a well established working relationship with our familial ancestors and specifically with a primary ancestor or guardian spirit. Beside the real danger of confronting these powerful spirits without the proper guidance and protection that trustworthy spiritual allies afford, we simply do not have the spiritual authority to call them forth. This authority is built up by the spiritual lineage of our ancestors. They are as rungs in a chain connecting us to these remote ancestral heroes, the more ancestors we connect with, the stronger the chain.

The ritual I present here was not a final goal or planned in any way as a “ritual”; it just grew organically in response to the path I was on and am very much still walking. In an attempt to make contact with these ancestral forebearers of the magical tradition, I have landed on a core set of tools, actions and phrases. Together, we may say that these elements compose a ritual in that they can be followed to produce a specific spiritual experience.

This practice is to be undertaken at night, the closest to midnight, the better as we can draw on the chthonic energies of the sun being underfoot near to the nadir point. The altar is dressed with a black cloth and set up in the north. Atop the altar we have the ancestral skull for directing the invocation, a bell, a glass of water, a brazier for burning incense and two small candles for additional light. A third candle – a white taper – should be at hand to be lit and placed atop the skull during the ceremony.

The skull can be any spirit-vessel that has been attuned to one’s ancestors. It functions as a focal point for directing the invocation and as a temporary physical home to help ground the spirits. I use a bronze skull that has been filled with soil from the graves and homelands of my relatives together with some of their personal items and various herbs, bones and other small items that have become significant in my ancestral practices.

Additionally, a glass of red wine and some honey bread (or other suitable food and drink) should be offered at the end of the rite.


We need two incenses for this rite. 1) A general offering of frankincense for the psychopomps and gatekeepers, and 2) A necromantic blend – containing the practitioner’s blood. I use a mix of aloes, dittany of Crete, wormwood, copal resin, honey, olive oil, and my own blood. Blood is an important element of this ritual as it the life-fluid that directly connects us to the ancestors. You just need a few drops mixed into the incense blend, so be responsible and use a sterilized needle or medical lancet.

Upon completion of the ritual we will be in the presence of those ancestors who come forth together with the ancestral mighty dead we have called. It is important to understand that we are inviting the ancestors in, not commanding or forcing them to come. At this point we may leverage their help for spell work or another magical operation, or – my favorite- ask them to teach and guide us, and to bring us into their realm. This will initiate an extremely rewarding journey into the underworld, one that is not to be taken lightly as the dangers of spirit travel to the land of the dead are very real and can have serious consequences. The journey can be facilitated using flying ointments, by maintaining the slow and deep breathing patterns, and by a repetitive action such as drumming, rattling or tapping bones together in rhythmic beats while swaying back and forth.

I have chosen to omit certain gestures and signs that I use, as I believe that each practitioner will be guided to their own proper ones. The rite should be led by a visceral feeling and not feel overly scripted. The words below are a rough guide and need not be followed to the letter, let inspiration and spontaneity guide you.

A final piece of advice is to not rush through this ceremony. Pause between the stages and let yourself become immersed in the experience.

¤ Calling Forth The Mighty Dead ¤

I light this candle in honor of the Ancestors, those of my blood and those of my spirits, may its light be their light and may their light illuminate me in the darkness.

Guardians of gates, Light-bearers of the Crossroad, Masters and guides into the mysteries of the dead, I burn this frankincense in your honor.

And ask that by your power the veil between the realm of the living and the kingdom of the dead be parted so that I may speak with the Ancestors.


Spirits of the dead, I call to you!

Souls of those who have met the challenges of their time, and who have lived and died well, I call to you!

Ancestors past, present, and future, I call to you!

I [name] born of [mother’s/father’s name], call to you; I who came into this world by mortal womb, come to you now with immortal Spirit and call to you. Hear me my beloved and blessed dead. By the sacred mysteries of our blood, I call to you.

Come [name of primary ancestor], guardian, guide and protector.

Join and empower me in this sacred work that together we may bring forth the ancestors.

We call to you blessed and honorable ancestors. We invite you to come forth from your eternal realm and witness this rite. Come ancestors, father’s side and mother’s side, come and lend your strength and your grace to this work. Come, so that together we may call out to the forebearers of our sacred blood, those who made the first pacts and covenants with the spirits of the land.

Ancestors of the distant past and those yet to be, together we stand at this crossroad between the worlds, and together we call forth those whose blood runs in these veins; and, those who have walked upon this earth long before the bloodlines of kings and nations.

Come ancestors of the ancestors, lords and ladies of the earth! You, whose spirit ablaze with primordial Fire forged our path and story upon this sacred land. Come forth by the many names and titles by which you have been known, you who were the first to peer into the mysteries of the unseen and the unknown.

Come spirit-workers, shamans and sorcerers of a long-forgotten age; ancestral healers, hexers and wisdom keepers; come diviners, magicians and witches for I [name] am of your spirit and of your blood!

Come, O most ancient teachers and patrons of the magical arts, giants of our past, heroes and mighty dead. Come forth from your realms o lords and masters of our primordial craft…

Los Angeles Day of the Dead
Los Angeles Day of the Dead
In “General Esoterica”
Honoring the Ancestors and the Dead
Honoring the Ancestors and the Dead
In “Magic in Practice and Ritual”
Piango Piango: First Steps in Palo
Piango Piango: First Steps in Palo
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A very power “Intranquil Spirits ” love spell By MasterWizard JintheNinja.

Caution, intranquil spirits are unelevated, parasitic spirits who are drawn to the energy of the living. You are doing both yourself and them a disservice if you partake in any intranquil spirit work. I highly recommend instead doing a strong cut and clear, and road opening instead. Cut your losses while you’re still able. And draw someone better. This is dangerous work, and will likely result in a crossed condition for even the most cautious worker. The target will never love you. They will obsessively target you for a time, and then it will need to repeated in a fashion (or continuous love domination type works will need to be done regularly). At your own peril, but I strongly recommend simply learning this work so you are able to UNCROSS this from others in the future (you cannot undo what you don’t understand).


-Vandal root
-Knot grass
-Red ants
-sulfur powder
-Menstral / sex fluid
-photo of target
-1 red skull or gender candle
-3 black (preferably rolled beeswax) tapers but natural beeswax or black paraffin households are fine too.
– grave dirt (from a widows grave is preferable)
-3 pins preferably with resin tip
-hemp cord (red or black)
-4 pomagranates
-1 small ish bottle of rum

(This has been formulated for people without spiritual oils, however, a mixture of intranquilo oil and come to me oil from a reputable source wouldn’t go wrong here)

Carve the skull with targets name, your intention (I.e. Dominate, come back, etc), a short invocation of the intranquil spirits, quincunx at the top of the skull.

Dress the skull in honey/herb mixture (and oil), sex fluids, cologne of target, or personal effects. And Set aside. Take the photos and Write the targets name 3 times on the back of the photo with red ink, birthdate is a good idea as well. Write your name 3 times over top their name (and your birthdate over their birthdate) in black ink, Now Shift the photo 90 degrees and write vertically over top the two names “cannot sleep” “cannot fuck” “cannot eat” “by the intraquil fires of hell.” Dress with a quincunx of oil (if you have it) and set aside. Otherwise use the black pen to mark the quincunx. Set aside.

Unroll the beeswax tapers and lightly fill with oil/honey-herb mix, sulfur powder, ants and grave dirt) and one petition on a small piece of parchment (I.e. “Cannot sleep”) Or if using household candles, carve the petition, name of target, and roll in the mixture.

Set aside.

Using a plate as your work space, place the red skull candle in the middle. Make sure you have enough room to add the 3 black tapers in an inverted pyramid shape (if your target is a man) surrounding the skull. Don’t add them yet.

Recite the intranquil spirits prayer and recite your targets name X 9. Light the candle, read Song of Solomon 1:4, 4:16,7:6-10. Take a pin, heat it with the flame of the candle until it grows hot, reciting one of your petitions (I.e. Cannot fuck), do this with each pin and poke them in an inverted triangle shape on the forehead of the skull candle where you would imagine a “third eye” would be.

Now take your black candles, light each on independently using the skull flame, recite the intranquil prayer and one petition (I.e. Cannot eat) like you did with the pins, place them in an inverted triangle around the skull. As you place each candle, take one pomagranate and place it is on the four imaginary corners of the plate. Promise the intranquil spirit that they will taste the sweetness of life if they fulfill your petition (through your offering), and their thirst may be quenched if they ease your suffering and don’t stop until they search the 4 corners of the earth for your target.

Now take your photo/petition paper, fill it with the herb/honey/mineral mixture. Fold it three times towards you. So you should make a little “packet.” Take the hemp string (hemp is not nearly as flammable as synthetic or cotton so it’s highly recommended, and it comes in black or red), wrapping the packet, first horizontally, then Vertically. You should now have a small square shaped packet wrapped in cord.
Tightly grasping the packet in your fingers, run it through each flame of the black tapers reciting each petition. You don’t want to burn it, you want to symbolically “heat” it. Then do the same on the skull candle, with targets name, intraquil prayer, and songs of Solomon as above. Place the petition photo under the plate, and let the candles burn all the way down (no exceptions). When the candles are waxy puddles,
Remove the three pins and pierce the packet 3 times (to represent mind, heart and genitals). You want to thread the pin through the actual photo, so the packet can lay flat in an envelope.

Bring the wax, whisky and pomagranates out to a crossroads. Pray the intranquilo prayer, place the offerings (open the bottle and pour some on each corner),
Tell them the “name of the target’s” light is sweeter than these offerings I give you. So give him no rest until he returns.

Leave and take a different route home.

Cleansing is a MUST. However, hyssop would not be recommended since youre invoking very hot spirits for a continued job.

And you have to be willing to repeat the work, because if/when they return, they won’t be in love, they will be obsessed with you. This is dangerous work, and not to be taken lightly. It is against every principle of spiritism, and unless you’re only doing love work, it can disrupt your ability to work on other facets. It is not graceful, recommended, or holy, it is LAST resort work. Particularly if you need financial or physical aide from the wandering partner. It is also primarily a work for women.