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HyperSigils by Candy Ray

How To Write A Hypersigil

I am the complete opposite of Grant Morrison, and yet I am a very great fan of his magical method of writing hypersigils. Let me describe the way I do it, as taught by my egregore friend Ino.

First choose your intent.Take a notebook or exercise book, and remove excess pages that would make it too long. Draw a border around each page in the planetary colour or colours that are in accord with your intent. The space in the middle is your magic circle, where the magic is created and will manifest, while the borders create the equivalent of the squared off windows in a magical comic.

Write the story in the middle of the bordered pages. If you like, cast a circle beforehand and sit in it with the notebook while you write. If you find it easier, draft the story in advance and copy it from another notebook or from the computer.

You need at least one sentence that identifies one of the story characters with yourself, either by physical appearance or something else. Then write the intent that you would like to happen into the story so it happens to you. If you want other people to be affected as well then put them in using the same method, and if you don’t want to cast spells on other people, make all the other characters except yourself fictional. Distribute the story to at least a few people, and their attention will charge it.

Here is a link to a hypersigil called ‘Shaped’ which I wrote in 2015. Ino contributed one sentence to it, and after I had finished it she fancied writing her own version of the whole thing in the form of a monologue, partly prose and partly in rhyme. So I added that into the document, right at the end.

You may notice that I identified myself with the main character in the second sentence. (I’ve always looked very pale.) It can be rather over-zealous to do that, because the whole story will happen to you; however some of it might attach to what happened to you in the past, if that is a better fit than the future. My intent was to obtain a small to moderate amount of success as a creative artist. Looking back on it afterwards with hindsight: I should have specified the time frame because when the narrator becomes an artist all she says is that “It seems so long ago now” since the events of the story happened. So if it takes ten years, you will know why!

In theory, the part where she is frightened that she is psychotic could happen to me. I was careless and didn’t bother about that. In practice, it almost certainly attached to the past when I had some early occult experiences that frightened me. I drew on some background material which The Cusp sometimes refers to. See: _http://www.dreamview…ver-dreams.html
But nothing in that old discussion on the ‘Dream Views’ forum has ever happened to me.

My husband in the story has the name of Ino’s male aspect, Ian, and a personality slightly like my real husband. The only other character is called Monica. I used the name Monica twice in hypersigils without realizing I had done so, and then it occurred to me a long while later that a moniker means a place-holder, so spirits could stick something in there. By the time I realized it I expect they had done so to their heart’s content, so great fun for them! If you read it you will charge it some more, so even more fun.

Love from

Candy Ray