Catherine Yronwode The Hoodoo racist of Lucky Mojo Exposed!!!!

First off who the fuck does she think she is calling black people or as she loves to say Africian Americans like its still 1975 do I say i’m an Italian American? No I say Italian or white,Slave days are over

Now ill give her credit, she knows her stuff and has greatly studied Hoodoo, and she is white Herself and makes SUCH a HUGE issue to the point that she obviously feels out of place around black root workers since they are Homework to Her, Yes Homework, lets follow in her own words before showing the words of some former students

Now I am A HooDoo worker, I am from New York, I have had black friends my whole life Never thought of them as homework so she has a 52 week course, most important is not just learning magick but doing homework on black people and making black friends WTF is so hard about that is this 1929? So lets check it before we wreck it!


There are 8 homework assignments for the year.

Three of the homework assignments are written and five involve collection and creation of items used in practical conjure and rootwork, as taught in the lessons.

Students who are not African American will be required to have contact with black Americans in order to complete Homework Assignment #2. Please note that for the purposes of Homework Assignment #2, “dark-skinned Cubans” or “my co-worker from Kenya” or “a gal i know from Jamaica” are not African Americans. They may be people with dark skin, but that is not relevant, because in Homework #2, we are talking about culture, not about skin colour.

If you are physically disabled, you may require assistance in order to complete Homework Assignment #4. We will try to see that this arranged, insofar as possible.

Homework assignments are only accepted insofar as they conform to African American cultural norms of Southern Black Christian conjure practice. Homework items prepared according to the precepts and teachings of other magical traditions, such as Neo-Paganism, Wicca, Asatru, Santeria, Voodoo, Palo, Brujeria, Stregheria, etc. will not be accepted.

If you want to know exactly what the homework consists of, so that you will be able to decide in advance whether or not the assignments are something you will be able to complete, i have posted both the assignments and a FAQ about them online.

Read the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Homework Assignments to get an idea of what i expect of my students.

Students who fail to turn in any homework within two years after signing up for the Correspondence Course will be considered non-matriculating students. If they turn in their homework, their ability to post will be restored and they will be able to graduate.

If you are not prepared to turn in your homework and graduate, please do not enroll in the course.

Now, one more thing about the homework: I would like you to take a free listen to Professor Charles Porterfield on “The Now You Know Show” for November 5, 2014. He tells it like it is about the benefits and the disadvantages of hoodoo’s community-based and non-initiatic transmission of knowledge, in a little story he calls “The Joker and the Thief.” His take on those who want to study with me but refuse to turn in their homework is spot-on. You need to listen to

Lesson two I dont see how any of this is hoodoo its very fucking racist Against blacks if you ask me! lets bust it!


Because i do not want to surprise students by laying unexpected or upsetting material on them, i have made the entire curriculum public.

Read the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course Curriculum to get an idea of what is included in the lessons.


This course is a presentation of African American magical techniques. Hoodoo is primarily the folk magic of Southern Black Christian culture. In teaching the practical aspects of folk culture and spellcraft to students, i employ a method called “cultural immersion” as a form of outreach to my non-Black students.

If, for any reason, you are not part of, or willing to become a friend to, the African American community, please do not attempt to enroll in this course.

The depth of immersion in Black American culture is similar to the level of depth one might find in a high school or junior college course on “African American culture” or “Black History studies,” except that the focus is primarily on folk magic rather than politics or social history.

Read about Cultural Immersion as a teaching method in the Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course to get an idea of how i teach and what i expect my students will learn.

Please also read this web page in which i have transcribed theexcuses and requests for exemptions given to me by white, Hispanic, and Asian people who either enrolled in the course and failed to turn in Homework #2 or who wanted an exception made in their case so that they could enroll in the course without having a family or friendship connection to one or more black Americans.

MAgick Lesson Number three, Lets not forget to capture a video of the African american of the day..Whats next is she gonna him Toby?

Now lets flip it like pancakes racist reviews from her own black homework umm I mean students? Here we go lets show this all like flow joe!

Ok, Above is the full link of her former students aka Homework claiming that she was kinda KKK-ish? BUT to be nice Illl post one full comment this old bitch should be ashamed of He self!

Lucky Mojo &Catherine Yronwode&

Posted: Jan 9, 2013 by   Princess803

Catherine Yronwode Mean and Racist

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 20 votes
Hello everyone, I was a customer of lucky mojo whom spent lots of money. I also was a member of the forum. On the forum I was notified months ago from Catherine Yronwode saying that my signature was “Hoodish” and to me thats a racist statement. I had a word in my signature that I censored. She mention that kids come on the forum, but theres topics that talks about penis, vaginal, and semen fluids etc. I had the word “b****es in my signature censored “I got the hoohoo for you b****” She said that was hoodish, I’m not from the hood and I look at that as a racist comment. She could have handled that situation alot better than throwing racist words at me. What is hoodish? She saying i’m from the hood and talk hood I guess, lol. My signature was up for months before I got notified that it was bad and “hoodish”. I have purchased alot from this website, ordered readings from people, and promoted their products to lots of people. I posted a few threads on the forum in seeking help in my situations and recently asked if they could be deleted for privacy reasons, the mods told me NO, even though their threads I posted, they said it was property of Lucky Mojo, I’m going to talk to a lawyer about this matter. They even removed me from the forum with no notice and I have sent emails, but no replys. I was made fun of in one of the threads on the forum just for having a question I had no knowledge of and needed to know an answer. The customer service is bad, when you call for information on products, they tell you to go on the forum. I have spent hundreds of dollars on this website and this is the thanks I get in return???
I agree dear what a shame to only get abuse in return??
Ladies and gents who do not know me by now, lets Introduce
I am Anthony Arcanum, born and raised in Jamaica Queens baby aka Killa queens
Italian-American well respected around the web google me Stellar Tarot skills, I have this blog, if yall wanna leave her racist fourm I am a mod over at an amazing forum who accepts all walks of life, colors, religions, systems, paths, etc
the address is My Handle is MagickinQU use me as your ref please under my handle you will find my name Anthony Arcanum and I have a huge button on my page that says staff about about 10 stars..
please pass this all over social media
drain the swamp

3 thoughts on “Catherine Yronwode The Hoodoo racist of Lucky Mojo Exposed!!!!

  1. Wow! I had no idea about Catherine Yronwode being so racist.

    And some of these “homework assignments” are outrageous, to say the least.

    Interestingly enough, I was born in the United States, my mother and hers were born in Cuba, and my late maternal grandmother’s maternal grandmother was a black woman. I can only imagine what Catherine Yronwode would have to say about that!

    The amazing thing is that I have known about the Lucky Mojo Website for years, and never purchased anything. I always figured it was to my now former aversion to online shopping, but now I really know my Intuition was saving me, once again!!

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  2. Shits a joke. I cant make friends with anyone, let alone prance up to a black person at Atlantic Union College (Seventh Day Adventists) and go haay Im studying hoodoo, youre black american! Tell me moar! 😐

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