My Mother passed away.

The cremation, Church service and Dinner afterwards etc were very costly, I am excepting small donations for anyone willing to help out a bit.

My Mothers name was Jean Anzalone, She was my best friend and the best person I knew she was a part of me as I came from her and losing her is like losing Myself.

She hung in there much longer then most would have I think to stay with Me

we were alone in the world, dad passed in 2012 and no siblings. She died in my arms as I prayed and cried and begged her not to go But as we all know Occultists more so then anyone when its time its time…. RIP mom I love you.

she was only 63.

I have paypal and Zelle and My email is if anyone is looking to donate just use my email addy, thanks and stay blessed.

ill be writing articles and making videos again soon, I was busy with mom and other things for a while But now this site will be my outlet… tx


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