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Duo the lack of information on how to work properly with sigils based on planets, I’m writing this guide in order to show how to use this powerful tool to get what you want.

What’s the difference between planetary sigils and the ones you freely draw?

I think both are effective and I can’t say if one is more powerful than the other. The main difference is that with planetary sigils you’re using the energy of some planet to achieve your goals. And if you’re not a creative person, you’re not good at drawing, planetary sigils clearly have an advantage here.


This is important and I think you should do this first. Be careful here. You have to choose the right planet that correspond to what you need. If you want money you’re not gonna work with Venus because this planet has nothing to do with money. Choosing the wrong energy can cause you negative effects. Below, I present a summary of each planet characteristics.

Sun: Health, vitality, ego, power, success, advancement, leadership, and growth
Moon: Clairvoyance, sleep, emotions, astral travel, imagination, women, birth, and reincarnation.
Mars: Male sexuality, strength, lust, anger, destruction, medical issues.
Mercury: Communication, intellect, writing, contracts, information, wisdom, science, memory.
Jupiter: Success, abundance, money, growth, gambling.
Venus: Love, pleasure, female sexuality, arts, music, beauty, luxury, social affairs.
Saturn: Real estate, banks, debt, obstacles, binding, knowledge, time, discipline.


IMPORTANT: I highly recommend that you do all the procedures at the planet hour or on the planet day. I could recommend an excellent android app that I use to check the planets hours for each day but I don’t wanna get banned for spam. You have to bear in mind that planet hours are calculated based on your location and days of the week. They’re not the same, so you have to check every time you work with planets.

Below I present the planet squares:

[Image: 8325639.jpg?192]

[Image: 2359971.jpg?187]

[Image: 4731546.jpg?186]

[Image: 8524816.jpg?204]

[Image: 4548415.jpg?202]

[Image: 1664398.jpg?204]

[Image: 3697106.jpg?199]

When making the squares, after writing each number, you should say “[planet name] be be propitious to me”. After finishing it you should say “So mote it be,” and drawing three crosses in the air with your right forefinger above the paper. This piece of information I found on Paul Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft. This book has nothing to do with sigils, but it teaches how Mercury can help you with divinations. So, I think this invocation of Mercury can be used with any planet.


This part is crucial. Be careful here. Don’t use words like I want. You should say I will, it’s my wish to do, this is my will, I am etc. I personally prefer I will. Example: I WILL MAKE FIFITY THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH. You have to be sure about what really wants. There’s no space for doubts here. NEVER use negative words. Your subconscious tends to ignore negative words. If you say something like I will not fail the exam, your subconscious will understand I will fail the exam. So, instead of that you should say I will pass the exam.

Write everything in capital letters.


I could recommend a good site that’d make this process easier, but again, I don’t wanna get banned for spam.



This process is called gematria. There are many gematria methods you can find on internet, hebrew, latin, Crowley, Golden Dawn Hebrew etc., but you just need one, The Agrippa Key for English Alphabet. Believe me, this is the most accurate gematria available. Don’t waste your time searching for others, just use this.

[Image: specul17.jpg]

You can use the Western Numerology system too. That’s totally fine, but there’s a problem. The Western Numerology contains numbers only from 1 to 9. If your statement of intent is a big one, you’ll probably have repetitive numbers making the process of drawing the sigil more difficult. In case you wanna use it:

[Image: pythagoreantable.jpg]


The planet squares have a limited amount of numbers. If you have VZS in your statement of intent which correspond to 700-500-90 according to the Agrippa system and you’re using the sun square, for example, you have to cut zeros till it fits. 700-500-90 would become 7-5-9.


Now you just need to link the numbers on the properly square respecting the order of the sequence. If the first number is 5, so you start by 5. Make a circle in the first number indicating the starting point and a perpendicular line in the last one. If your sequence have consecutive number you can draw a hook, indicating that the line is passing two times through that number.

[Image: paralda_sigil.jpg]

After this you have to draw the sigil on a clean paper sheet without the numbers.

You can draw the sigil using the correspondent color of the planet if you want.


It’s important that you do this at the planet hour or on its day. I don’t recommend creating and activating the sigil at the same hour. You should forget about it a little while. For example, you can create the sigil at the planet hour in the morning and activate it at the planet hour at night.

There are many methods of charging sigils. All of them have the same purpose: you must achieve a state where your body is full of energy and at the peak of your charging method you activate the sigil. So you can use meditation, pain, drugs, masturbation etc. Here I’m covering only the best one, masturbation.

Go to your room, bathroom, any place you can masturbate quietly. Hold the sigil with your free hand in front of your eyes. Close your eyes. DO NOT THINK OF YOUR STATEMENT OF INTENT. DO NOT THINK WHY YOU MADE THIS SIGIL. At the exact peak (orgasm), open your eyes (widely open), stare the sigil, all the details, feel it intensely. Now you should just laugh and don’t look at the sigil anymore. Why laugh? Because laughing is one of the best method to exorcise. Doing this, you’re exorcising the sigil. Now burn it.


Forget about the sigil, forget your statement of intent. You should never remember it or try to remember. If the sigil or the statement of intent eventually come to your mind, just laugh and think about something completely different. Go live your life and forget it.
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The Basics of Planetary magick by Guest writer MAGE


Planetary Magick belongs to the legacy of Atlantis. It is a knowledge system that describes the nature of the Universe and the ways to control reality.

Due to certain circumstances, this knowledge was not lost after the collapse of Atlantis and has remained since in various religious, mystic and esoteric teachings.

This article contains a brief description of the Basics of Atlantean Planetary Magick.

While studying the physical world, Atlantean scientists concluded that our reality is of informational origin, similar to a text in a book or a program running inside a computer.

Extensive research showed that this computer is Planet Earth’s Consciousness. While trying to gain access to it and control the Planetary Consciousness, the Atlanteans managed to create a scheme to reflect the design and properties of this consciousness.

This scheme is known as the Tree of Life, or the Tree of Sephiroth in the mystical teaching of Kabbalah:

[Image: tree_kabbalah_hermeticism.jpg]

The Tree of Sephiroth consists of 10 Spheres and 22 channels connecting them in a certain order.

The 10 Spheres, which are called Sephiroth in Kabballah, are sources of energy of different properties. Kabballah gives each Sephiroth a name, symbolically describing the properties of its energies.

Energy constantly circulates between the Sephiroth and follows a certain pattern, thus forming the 22 channels or torrents of energy that bind the Sephiroth together.

Each of these 22 channels is a source of Power and energy with its own properties.

People of different consciousness development levels perceive reality differently. According to those differences, the Tree of Sephiroth can be provisionally divided into several areas that correspond to the perceptions of different people:
[Image: tree_planes.jpg]

Energies of the 21th, 17th and 19th channels form the 3-dimensional space – i.e. the Physical Plane that can be perceived by people belonging to varnas 1 to 3 i.e. ordinary people. (The topic of varnas and human consciousness levels is covered here.)

Energies of the 18th, 17th and 20th channels form the 4-dimensional space that is called the Ether Plane and can be perceived by 1st level Mages.

Energies of the 17th, 13th, 9th and 11th channels form the 7-dimensional space known as the Astral Plane, which can be perceived by 2nd level Mages.

Energies of the 9th, 8th, 4th and 6th channels form the 10-dimensional space known as the Mental Plane, which can be perceived by 3rd level Mages.

Energies of the 4th, 2nd and 1st channels form the 12-dimensional space known as the Higher Mental Plane, which can be perceived by 4th level Mages.

The Atlanteans found that different people’s consciousnesses are connected to different parts of the Tree of Sephiroth, depending on their level of development (i.e. to which varna they belong).

Under certain conditions, a human consciousness can be tuned into one of the Sephiroth Tree channels and thus become a conductor of the channel’s energy.

A human consciousness tuned into any of the 22 channels of the Sephiroth Tree starts receiving huge amounts of energy, and such a person gains the Power to alter reality with his consciousness.

In Magick, the ability of a human consciousness to alter reality is called a Siddha, or a super-ability.

Each of the 22 Channels of the Sephiroth Tree contains energies with special properties that give one the ability to alter various aspects of reality.

Thus, there are 22 Powers altogether that give a Mage the ability to change reality.

Here we can draw a parallel with a programming language that has 22 commands that can be used to alter the program (reality).

The Atlanteans had special technologies and machines that allowed their Mages to tune their minds into the Energy Torrents of the Planetary Consciousness and control processes happening on Earth.

After the demise of the Atlantean civilization, all the machinery and technologies were lost and the Mages had to find a way to cope without them.

During the times of Ancient Egypt, reincarnated Mages of Atlantis reconstructed the Atlantean knowledge of Planetary Magick and developed special techniques of working with the consciousness that are known today as Magickal Practices. These techniques allow for gaining access to the Planetary Consciousness and controling reality without the use of machines and technology.

All the knowledge concerning Atlantean Planetary Magic was written into the Sacred Book of Thoth. This book has preserved to this day in the form of Tarot cards. Each Tarot card is a page of the Sacred Book of Thoth and contains text that is encoded in secret Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing.

A deck of Tarot cards consists of two parts – 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana correspond to the 22 energy channels of the Planetary Consciousness that are depicted on the Tree of Sephiroth:
[Image: tree_arcanes.jpg]

Each card of the Major Arcana contains instructions on how to work with one of the channels of the Planetary Consciousness.

Having accomplished the secret instructions that are encoded on a card, a Mage gains one of the 22 Powers. This Power gives him the ability to alter reality.

In order to be able to decode instructions that are written on the Tarot cards as pictograms, a Mage must know the Keys to reading the Secret Temple writing of Ancient Egypt. At the same time, it is important to remember that most Tarot decks are unfit for usage since they were redrawn and copied by various artists not initiated into the Magickal Tradition. These artists created beautiful, but absolutely magickally useless decks.

The 22 Powers are commonly divided into 3 levels, according to the extent of their might:

Major Arcana from 22 to 18 give access to the Minor Powers that allow for controlling the conditions of a usual human life.

Major Arcana from 17 to 10 give access to the Major Powers that allow for altering the destiny of one or multiple people.

Major Arcana from 9 to 1 give access to the Great Powers which allow for any changes reality, virtually without limitation.



The great V.K. Jehannum asks you what is Satanism? Not that fluffy, goth shit, But what is true Satanism?

So, What is Satanism?
The religion of Satanism represents arguably the largest Left Hand Path movement in the West. The “Left Hand Path” is an umbrella term referring to counter-culture religions. “Sinister” and “Sinistral” are the descriptive adjectives applied to religions to indicate that they are of the Left Hand Path, as “Sinister” is etymologically descended from a word meaning “left” and “Sinistral” means “left-handed.” The practitioners of Sinistral religions are referred to with another umbrella term– “the Black Lodge”– whereas the adherents to mainstream religion are called “the White Lodge.”

The religion of Satanism prioritizes the individual judgment of the witch. The Satanist does not have faith, but rather believes in whatever she happens to think is true. While many Sinistral texts are available to the Satanist, none of them are holy writ and none of them aspire to be dogma. A post in a thread on the Become a Living God forum can be of more value to an individual Satanist than a chapter out of Transcendental Satanism if she agrees with the post and not the book.

The Satanist seeks truth through personal research, practical experience, and directly channeled gnosis, which is knowledge attained from spirit. None of these things are perfect, confirmation bias can cloud research. Lack of perspective can cloud life experience, and spirits are occasionally willing to patronize certain misconceptions held by the witch, either for convenience or to insure her well-being in some way. While no Satanist consciously wants this, it is an ineluctable reality.

In perusing the channeled gnosis of other Satanists, the witch must be careful to regard almost all of her knowledge as tentative. She must search for trends in the revelations of black prophets and speculate on the impetuses behind the disagreements between authors.

Satanism is a very eclectic religion in that it draws from various different sources. The witch selects the practices which are useful to her and the postulations which resonate with her and arranges them into an ever-evolving patchwork spirituality. A Satanic witch who draws philosophical inspiration from the religion of Thelema, uses Norse runes in witchcraft, and practices Hindu chakra meditations all as part of her Satanic religion is very much a representation of the norm. In reading a book like the Baphomet Codex, a Satanist will happily select one postulation she agrees with even though she disagrees with the majority of the text and does not practice its rituals. She will do the same with any other book or religion she studies.

Satanism certainly constitutes a quest for self-empowerment, self-improvement, and self-understanding. The Satanist actively seeks to improve herself through spiritual meditation, research, introspection, physical exercise, magickal practice, and whatever other means are conducive to the mastery of her journey in life. The Sinistral witch pursues her quest for self-empowerment even to the point at which her magickal adepthood turns her soul into a goddess. She resides in the Qlippoth, known also as Hell and Sitra Ahra, a Hebrew phrase meaning “the Other Side.” Her spirit lives on as an exalted demoness, experiencing adulation and pleasure in Hell, which she is free to leave at any time for the pursuit of personally selected goals, even to offer her tutelage to living Satanists. This ascent into godhood, called an “apotheosis,” brings about the cessation of samsara, the process of death and reincarnation.

Satanism is open to people of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, nationalities, and moral dispositions. While Satanism champions heretical thought, it is not merely a reaction to or opposite of any mainstream religion. Theistic Satanism has its roots in the religions of Thelema, Stregheria/Stregoneria, polytheistic Paganism, and the writings of Kenneth Grant which are known as the Typhonian Trilogies.

Some Satanists would argue that Satanism does not count as a religion based on some technical speculations, but this essay does not use words that specifically. Some Satanists often say things like this: “Satanism is not a religion, it’s a way of life!” as if other religions were not ways of life. Refer to the dictionary definition of religion and you will see why Satanism is correctly considered one.

-V.K. Jehannum,
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The Avant Garde King or Liminal Slave by very special guest writers,Baron and Baronessa Araignee from Araignee Arcane Services

The Avant Garde King or Liminal Slave

We would like to thank Anthony Arcanum for inviting us to render an article on this blog. You are very gracious and kind. Again, thank you.

“Modern” Magick is not so “modern” at all. Why? Simply because most paradigms still practice ancient superstitious beliefs and has not evolved. Some might argue with this, however the evidence will speak for itself.

Let’s take a closer look at what actually makes the Supernatural…well supernatural: Human experience, perception and belief. Take as an example the plagues from a couple of hundred years ago. Devils, Demons and Imps where the cause of it all! However, modern science has obviously discovered the guilty culprits. Bacteria, viral infections etc and so on. Yet to this very day, so-called Adept practitioners believe this idiotic notion. This is merely an example of the ignorance that roams about in this day and age of “modern” Magick. The question remains: can a Spirit, Demon or Imp cause disease? Yes, most certainly, however it is not a physical ailment – only a physical symptom of spiritual attack. The Malicious Spirit does not attack the body but the spirit, as the Vindictive Spirit does not have a terrestrial form but a spiritual one. This does not just relate to illness, but to everything else as well.

So many Mages claim that they can evoke a Spirit successfully and direct it’s wrath upon the selected victim, however in most cases it is not so. In the psyche of the individual exists something known as Archetypes. These archetypes may actually become awakened through directed intent and become corporeal through focused energy, as seen with mental constructs and so on. Unknowingly, these Mages has evoked a part of themselves by means of a Spirit seal as a medium for a subconscious conduit. That’s why so many Spirit seals are in fact fallible as a authentic object link to the Spirit/Force they wish to summon. However we will discuss this in-depth some other time, perhaps in one of our videos.

This leads us on to the most important cornerstone in Magick: The Self.
There are many aspects of the Self that is responsible in Magick that is too readily and easily attributed to External Forces – archetypes, the power of belief, the spoken word, precognition, the power of the Will, desire, intent etc etc. However, these are simply small “branches” off of what you can truly be capable of. In order to master anything – including External Forces – you need to master yourself first, as this is where Magick starts. How do you do this? In order to reap the rewards of the Self, you must dive straight into the source – you must grow and develop your spiritual power.

When one Googles the term “what is spiritual power”, you come across many sources claiming that spiritual power is something bestowed upon you by Divinities, or is something which is obtained by acts of selflessness, kindness etc etc. This could not be more wrong. Spiritual power/energy , which is also known as Ka, Pneuma, Prana, Ashe, Mana or Chi is something which you can truly call your own, which is not owed to any external force. Anything which has self-awareness or forethought (Prometheus) has spiritual power and can grow said spiritual power indefinitely, even after the body dies if they so choose. Growing your spiritual power is not a selfless act – not at all…it is actually very selfish in nature – to grow your abilities to the full extent capable while still in a vessel of clay (your body) that will serve you long after death.

Think for one example of not having to rely upon External Forces to assist and guide you with anything – but only relying upon yourself. This might sound almost surreal, impossible – like something you would see in a movie or read about in a fictional novel. However, we can assure you – growing your spiritual power gives you very real and very tangible results. Too many practitioners rely solely on Spirits etc, however they neglect themselves completely…thereby making the External Forces a crutch for their own wanting nature.

True power starts within. If you have not mastered yourself first, how do you expect to even be able to influence anything outside of yourself? To prove our point in, for example, a case of evocation: why do more experienced practitioners tend to have better success in Magick than someone who has just entered into the world of the Occult? Whether the “forces” is external or not is irrelevant – there are many factors at play – but the main one ruling all others is SPIRITUAL POWER. You can see spiritual power as your badge of office, you being supreme potentate of your will. As an example, a foot soldier cannot command a general.

How does one develop your spiritual power then? Unfortunately, there is definitely no “easy way” with this. If you think of taking shortcuts, you will only cheat yourself and achieve nothing. It takes years of dedication, diligent self-work, deprogramming yourself from what you have been taught since birth and of course the guts to discover what you are truly capable of. The short version of this is shedding your “humanity”, and realizing you’re a god. What do we mean by “shedding your humanity”? Getting rid of your human fallibility and self imposed limitations which resides within your subconscious. After all, your subconscious is the seat of the soul…and since it accepts everything as “truth” (which the subconscious does if you did not already know this) – the programming you have received since birth is your only limitation. This will be a good first step. This might sound easy to do, but it will take a lot of effort on your behalf to do and it will be pure hell to say the least. However, it is all worth it a thousand times over.

You can either be a slave to your negative ego, or serve nothing but yourself. If you are a practitioner who’s calling is to work with External Forces such as Spirits, Beings etc – you must still not neglect yourself. We say out of experience that if you work on yourself and state this to the Forces you work with – if They are truly worth all your effort – They will not object, and will actually encourage it. If you proclaim it to Them and They object…then They are not worth your time, and does not have your best interests at heart – thus making Them weak and parasitical.

At the end of the day, when you strengthen yourself spiritually – at some point in time, you will “outgrow” working with External Forces, as you have no need in asking anything’s help any longer. You will hold the power. This is a good way to know how you have grown spiritually since you started on the Path. If you have been practicing for over 30 years and you still petition External Forces to do everything for you, as you cannot do it yourself…then you are doing something wrong. After all, the Occult exists to help the individual grow spiritually, and not to make the individual become subservient to something else.

This concludes this post – whether you want to take this to mind or not, is simply up to you. We will branch out more on various matters relating to this on future videos and such.

As Within, So Without. As Above, so Below.


Baron and Baronessa Araignee from Araignee Arcane Services